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His Friend Too... completed

Title: His Friend Too
Author: Snuffybaby
Disclaimer: Rob Thomas owns the VM universe; I just chose to rewrite it.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: LoVe
Word Count: 28,576
Spoilers: All of season one
Summary: Pre-season 1; what if Veronica saw Logan sitting across the street from the car wash?
Author’s Note: Show dialogue was taken from episode transcripts found at www.twiztv.com... Transcribed by InigoMontoya.


The dining room was filled with awkward silence.

Keith was glaring at Logan.

Veronica was staring at her plate.

Logan was returning Keith’s stare.

Rebecca looked between the three trying to figure out what had happened. Trying to break the silence, Rebecca asked, “So, you two are dating?”

Startled, Veronica looked between Logan and her father, and then responded, “Yeah.”

“That’s nice,” Rebecca said weakly.


Keith finally spoke, “Logan, I thought I asked you to come in through the front door.”

“Actually, you asked me to ask you when I wanted to stay over,” Logan shrugged. “I wasn’t planning on staying over.”

“Logan,” Veronica warned.

Keith thought for a moment and nodded. “That’s actually true.” Pursing his lips, he added, “Alright,” pointing a finger at the Logan, “but no hanky-panky in the house.”

“Dad!” Veronica said, flushing with embarrassment.

Logan smirked, “Does that rule apply to you too?”

“Logan!” Veronica gasped at her boyfriend’s audacity.

Rebecca blushed.

“My house, my rules,” Keith simply said.

Veronica covered her face with her hands. “Have you two gone crazy?”

“Honey, Logan’s been your friend since you were twelve. He’s been coming over here all the time since.” Keith explained, “Him being your boyfriend doesn’t change the fact that I like him.”

“You were never this nice to Duncan,” she pointed out.

“That’s because he was your first boyfriend.”


Veronica sat on the back of Weevil’s bike as they headed over to Mario’s. She sat back as she saw the piñata crack open.

“Those don’t look like steroids, V,” he pointed out.

“No, they don’t,” she returned grimly.


Logan stared gravely as he watched Veronica pull Luke into the girls’ bathroom. He’d already heard rumors that she was seen riding around town with Weevil, he didn’t need to see her adding to those rumors. His expression blank, he pushed his way into the bathroom.

“I found that piñata and it is not full of steroids. You’re out of options,” he heard Veronica say. “If you want Ziggy off your back, you’re going to have to buy him off.”

“You pulled Luke into the girls’ bathroom to talk business?” Logan asked incredulously.

“Make that life or death business,” Veronica qualified. “Luke here needs to find the money that Zigman fronted him for the steroids.”

“Cash or no cash, he’s going to hurt me,” Luke whined.

“You let me worry about that,” she glared. “You worry about getting the money.”

“Yeah, how? What do you think I’ve got eight grand stashed away in my other wallet?”

“Figure it out!” she said angrily and then stormed out.

Logan looked at Luke with a raised eyebrow, then followed his girlfriend out.


“Dad, I need your help with something,” Veronica knelt in front her father.

He eyed her suspiciously. “What have you done now?”

“I resent that. I haven’t done anything. A fr… an acquaintance has.”

“Hit me.”

“He got into trouble with this guy named Hank Zigman. The guy's a personal trainer.”

“What kind of trouble?”

“He was supposed to bring back eight thousand dollars worth of steroids for him.”

Keith’s frown deepened. “What exactly did you want me to do?”

“Well, I was wondering if you could send his picture to border patrol? He has to go to Tijuana to pick up his steroids sometime.”

“I see.”

She pulled a sheet of paper out of her messenger bag. “Here’s his picture, his license plate and the model of his car.”

“Do I want to know how you got his picture?”

She shrugged sheepishly, “I took Backup with me.”

Keith simply gave her a look.


“So Troy got sent to Catholic school,” Luke remarked.

“Oh, that reminds me,” Veronica pulled an envelope of money from her bag and handed it to him. “I got your money back.”

He grabbed the envelope and counted the cash. “There’s one thousand missing.”

“My fee.” She looked at him dubiously, “You didn’t think I’d help you for free, did you?”

Logan chuckled. “That’s my ever practical girlfriend.”

“That’s crazy,” Luke complained. “One thousand dollars is like… thirteen percent.”

She reached over and grabbed the envelope from him. “Fine. I was just being nice. I’ll just keep the full eight.”

He quickly snatched it back. “No, no, that’s fine. One thousand is fine.”

Wallace asked, “How’d you get the money back anyway?”

She smiled, “I have my ways.”

“Come on, spill.”

“Mr. Vandegraff felt that I deserved a reward.”

Logan raised an eyebrow. “You found the car?”

“It was never stolen. When I found Luke’s piñata full of candy, I knew that one of you must have hidden the steroids. It wasn’t you,” she squeezed Logan’s hand, “because you know I would’ve found out and castrated you. It definitely wasn’t Luke because you don’t fake hysteria like that. I knew it had to be Troy.”

“But how?” Luke asked. “We were with him the entire time.”

Logan smirked, “When he went to the bathroom.”

She nodded. “He moved the car around to the other side of the restaurant and then hid the steroids in bathroom ceiling. He had the tracking device pulled from the car when he brought it over to the mechanics. So when his dad sent him to Albuquerque, Troy had the taxi driver drop him off at the restaurant to pick up the car and the drugs.”

“I’m assuming he didn’t find either.”

She smirked, “Nope. I flushed the drugs and drove the car back to Mr. Vandegraff. He gave me a nice reward for returning his car and teaching his son a lesson.”

“Eight thousand dollars.”

Veronica grinned, “Actually it was ten. His car was worth quite a bit to him. His son not getting another drug charge was also worth a little. Stranding his son near the border with no money?”

“Priceless?” Logan chuckled.


“Wait, he gave you ten thousand dollars?” Luke complained.

“Watch it, Luke,” Wallace warned.

Veronica glared, “I could have easily not given you anything. Ten thousand dollars would cover almost an entire year at college.”

“Hand it over.” Logan smirked, holding his hand out for the envelope.

Luke pouted and gave the envelope to Logan.

She looked confused as Logan pocketed the money.

Logan kissed her sweetly. “Who do you think gave Luke the eight grand?”

“You bought his baseball?”

“He still owes me two grand before he can get it back.”

“Now I really wish I hadn’t given him the money.”

“You’re too nice, Veronica.” Logan grinned, “but that’s why I like you so much.”


Veronica kissed Logan good morning. She pulled back and studied. “What has your panties in a twist?”

“Panties? I believe my undergarments of choice are boxers,” Logan smirked.

She continued to look at him, expecting a serious answer.

Dropping his smirk, he shrugged, “Those stupid tour guides. Our house is still on the path of their Hollywood stars tour. You’d think that after the great Aaron Echolls was sentenced to death row people would stop being interested in his life.”

“Actually, I think it’s the opposite,” she said sympathetically. “They just become more interested.”

He scoffed, slumping against the lockers.

Veronica moved to stand between his legs. “Hey,” she hugged him, “if they bother you so much, why don’t you and your mom move?”

“I was actually thinking of putting up an electric fence,” he let out a small laugh, and then sighed. “Mom doesn’t want to move. She said that the public will soon lose interest and life will return to normal.”

She reached up and brushed his hair back, as she said softly, “Come stay with me.”

A small smile formed on his lips. “Your dad won’t mind?”

“I don’t see why he would. You’ve been staying over for years.”

“Thanks. I’ll think about it.”


Veronica leaned against Logan’s shoulder during lunch, silently enjoying the vanilla pudding that she’d stolen from his lunch. She was half listening to the conversation that Logan and Duncan were having about their surfboards, when something else caught her attention.

Madison Sinclair had just arrived carrying two pizza boxes when she saw Wanda Varner paying a delivery guy. Madison in turn headed straight to Ms. Dent.

Veronica strained to hear their conversation.

“She doesn’t have Pirate Points.” Madison said in a ‘duh’ tone of voice. She scoffed, “Oh, I see. You’re new.”

Veronica smiled at Ms. Dent’s reaction to Madison. The new teacher followed the annoying blond, curious to know what was the big deal about Pirate Points.

Madison informed the Vice Principal, “Mr. Clemmons, Wanda Varner ordered in Chinese food.” She stood back to watch the show, smug.

Clemmons, understanding Miss. Varner’s infraction, headed over to her table. “Wanda, I know you know the rules. If you’d like the privilege of having your lunch delivered, why don’t you get more involved here at Neptune?”

Wanda snorted derisively.

Clemmons continued, “In the meantime, I’m going to have to confiscate your food.”

Veronica watched as Wanda sprung to her feet angrily and stomped over to Madison’s table. She stepped up on the benches and planted her feet into the pizzas before hopping off the table again.

“You little bitch,” Madison cried.

Clemmons intervened before more words between the girls could be exchanged, “Wanda! Be so kind as to follow me to my office.”

By this time everyone was watching the show.

Wallace asked the table, “Who is that girl?”

“That is Wanda Varner. Used to be in pep squad together,” Veronica informed.

“She seems less peppy.” He looked at her curiously, “You’re on pep squad.”

Veronica smiled and snorted, “Used to be.”

“But then she hung up her pom-poms and chopped off her hair,” Logan sighed. “Goodbye, skimpy uniforms.”

She shoved his shoulder with her head. “You’d prefer I was on the squad than spending all my free time with you?”

He dropped his head. “You’re right. Maybe instead of a skimpy uniform, I could convince you to spend time with me naked.”

Veronica shoved her spoon in his mouth. “Keep dreaming.”


Sitting in journalism class, Logan sat behind Veronica, playing with her hair, when Ms. Dent leaned over to talk to her.

“Morning, Veronica. I was thinking, maybe you’d be interested in covering the election for the student newspaper.”

She smiled agreeably, “Sure. I’ll write it up this afternoon.”

Frowning, Ms. Dent remarked, “The election’s tomorrow.”

Logan snorted, “I can see the headline now. ‘Brown-nosing, resume-packer wins in a landslide.’”

“Please dig a little bit deeper,” Ms. Dent looked at Veronica.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure the article has lots of depth.”

They were interrupted by the television broadcast. “…This morning, we'll be hearing from our first hopeful for the office of President, sophomore Wanda Varner.”

Duncan moved beside them to see the show.

Wanda came on screen. “I’m Wanda Varner and I’m running for the office of student council president. Let’s be hones. Student government doesn’t do jack. I'm here to promise you real change. If elected, I promise to abolish the unfair and elitist Pirate Points program for good. God bless you and God bless America.” She salutes to the camera and blips out.

Several students in the room cheered.

Duncan clapped slowly. Veronica had a smile on her face. Logan seemed less than pleased.

“Hey, dude,” Logan asked Duncan. “Can she do that?”

“Student council giveth. Student council taketh away,” Duncan replied.

“We’re not giving up those points, man. You gotta run.”

Veronica leaned her head back to look up at her boyfriend. “What does it matter? Your mom packs you the best lunches anyway.”

“That’s not the point.”

Sitting up, she twisted around turning her attention to other things. “Duncan, you should run.”

“Why? To save the almighty Pirate Points?”

“No,” she rolled her eyes, smiling, “because you’d be good at it.”

He narrowed his eyes. “You haven’t been talking to my dad, have you?”

She gave him a look.

He looked down, sheepish, “Right.”

Veronica patted him on the shoulder. “Go for it.”

Logan clamped his hand on Duncan’s other shoulder. “You probably won’t win anyway. Wanda’s too popular now.” Sighing, he dropped his head, “No more delivery.”


Logan leaned back across the bench, his head resting in Veronica’s lap.

Veronica patted his head. “Are you that disappointed that there won’t be anymore Pirate Points?”

“No more Chinese,” he sighed. “No more sushi.” He waved his hands, “No more pizza.”

Wallace smirked, “They serve pizza in the cafeteria.”

“It’s not the same.” Logan turned his head toward Veronica’s stomach.

“You do have a car,” Veronica reminded, “you can always go pick up lunch.”

He pouted further, “That’s not the same either.”

She smiled, “My boyfriend, the drama queen.”

Logan smirked, “I take great pains to be this dramatic.”

“Have a grape.” She popped the fruit in his mouth.

Duncan shook his head. “Why are you complaining about not getting delivery? Your girlfriend just peeled a grape for you.”

Logan grinned, wrapping his arms around Veronica’s waist. “Not everyone has a great girlfriend like I do. How will those poor unfortunates survive?”

She shrugged, “I doesn’t matter anyway. Wanda’s popularity won’t last. Maybe she’ll be deposed.”

Logan perked up, “Do you know something?”

She grinned, “I always know something.”

“Veronica,” he said coaxingly.

“Shh. It’s a secret,” she held a finger over her lips.

Suddenly Vice Principal Clemmons came on the PA. “Attention students. The results of the election have been tabulated. There will be no runoff votes in any of the races. The winner in the office of secretary, Bryan Gibson.”

Students began to chant “Wanda, Wanda” in wait of the highly anticipated result for student body president.

“Vice President, Katie Keenan. And it gives me great pleasure to announce, the 2004-2005 SCA President, Duncan Kane.”

Logan shot up into a sitting position. “What?”

“There’s no way Duncan could have carried half the student body,” Wallace remarked.

Veronica had a wry look on her face. “Now I’ve got a story.”


Veronica approached the teacher politely. “Mrs. Donaldson, did you get my message?”

“About inspecting the ballots.”


“My short answer? No,” she said abruptly and continued in a condescending manner, “My long answer would be a speech about being a gracious loser and about how just because you don’t like the outcome, doesn’t mean you can cry foul.”

Veronica maintained her polite demeanor. “I’m not here to cry foul. I like the outcome, I’m just here to find out if that outcome was achieved fairly. I don’t see a problem with my request. Especially since Duncan Kane, the winner of the election is joining me to help look through the ballots.” She gestured to the door where Duncan and Logan were waiting. “But if you’d like, I can lodge a formal protest.”

“Which this is not. And if you had continued to read article 15 concerning student council elections; you would know that once the votes have been certified, a faculty sponsor must approve any request for a recount,” Mrs. Donaldson said officiously.

Smile plastered on her face, Veronica pulled a form out of her bag. “This is my formal request for a recount. You’ll notice that it has been signed by a faculty sponsor.”

Tearing the form from Veronica’s hands, Mrs. Donaldson read it. She folded it in half, setting it on the table in front of her, planning on destroying the paper once they left.

Veronica continued, “I’ve already handed in a copy of this request to Mr. Clemmons to look over. You know, just to make sure it was completed properly.”


Logan sprawled across the counter in the main office. “I wanted Duncan to win. Why am I here?”

“Because you’re helping me with a story,” Veronica smiled, “and I’m your girlfriend so you have to do what I say.” She asked Wallace, “What’d you get?”

“Duncan still wins with seven hundred and forty three votes.” He slumped over the machine. “How many times are we going to run it?”

Lost in her own thoughts, she said aloud, “No sigh of anyone erasing ballots. No ballots missing.” She examined the form in her hand, “Hey, Student 43059. Who the hell is candidate E and why did you vote for her?”

“You think I’m not voting for the sister?” Wallace smirked, “And for what possible reason do you have my student ID number memorized?”

Mrs. Donaldson entered from on of the inner offices. “You can toss those ballots in the recycle bin when you’re done uncovering ‘corruption’,” she air quoted. She sauntered out with a smug look on her face.

Duncan shook his head in disbelief. “That’s going to be the staff advisor?” He looked at Veronica, “Please discover corruption. I don’t want to be president anymore.”

They all laughed.

“What?” Logan look at the ballot in his hands. “Are students in this school getting dumber or is this kid just smoking too much weed?”

“What?” Veronica moved up beside him, taking the ballot. “Well, if ‘Wanda rulez’, why’d you vote for Duncan, you head case? I want to find out who this kid is and what art room he voted in.” Holding the ballot out for Wallace.

“Yeah, and I want a statue of myself in the main lobby, holding a musket, staring down danger,” Wallace remarked. “Since we’re talking about stuff we want.”

Veronica smiled, “Please?”

“How hard was that?” Wallace headed over to the office computers.

Logan smirked, “A musket? My statue would just be all me – naked.”

Duncan and Wallace snorted. Veronica ignored him, heading over to look at the student’s schedule.

“Kevin Carney. He's got art first period.”


A runoff election was announced between Duncan Kane and Wanda Varner. Madison Sinclair was removed from Student Council and lost her position as student aide since she seemed to have lost the ability to use a photocopier correctly.

Veronica and Wallace walked into school and were met by Wanda.

“Looks like the opposing team just went negative,” Wanda said in an accusatory way.

Veronica glanced around at all the posters on the wall and saw ‘narc’ spray painted across all of Wanda’s posters. “They’re just posters.”

“They’re not just posters. They spray painted ‘narc’ across the hood of my car.”

“What does any of this have to do with me?”

“Tell your boyfriend and his lap dog that the smear campaign won’t work. I still own the message,” Wanda glared.

Veronica glared back. “Logan has more class than to vandalize a few posters. I think you should look toward your own campaign committee for the culprit.” Her eyes narrowed, “It’s never good to tattle on one of your more… influential… members.”

Wanda’s eyes widened. Not having a response, she turned away and stormed off.

Wallace looked at Veronica. “You ever notice that you get that reaction a lot?”

“What reaction?” she asked sweetly.

“You say something vague. Their eyes bug out and then they storm away in a huff?”

“Oh, that,” she shrugged. “I get that a lot.”

“Get what a lot?” Logan wrapped an arm around her shoulder, kissing her temple in greeting.

“Shocked looks followed by a good exit,” she explained.

He waved his hand around. “Is this what you meant when you said that Wanda’s popularity wouldn’t last?”

“Wanda was busted for possession last year. She sniffs out criminals among the younger generation to keep the drug charge off her record,” Veronica said matter-of-factly. “I see her a lot speaking to Deputy Lamb.”

“Who’d she rat out?” Wallace asked.

“Felix Toombs? Weevil’s right hand lackey?”

“What’d he do?” Logan asked curiously.

“He had all the missing ‘Welcome to Neptune’ signs hanging in his bedroom. Dad assigned him to four weekends of highway cleanup.”

“I guess we know who’s going to win the runoff election.”


Veronica stood outside Logan’s English class waiting for him. She watched Weevil walk passed and then saw Logan. “Quality time with Weevil?”

Logan leant down and kissed her before taking her hand. “Detention.”

“What’d you do?”

“I may have made some inappropriate remarks in class.”

“What’d he do?”

“He laughed.”

“And what precipitated these ‘inappropriate remarks’?”

“Daniels gave us both zero on our test.” Logan shook his head, “Serves me right for telling Weevil to keep his eyes on his own paper.”

“It was only one test,” Veronica sighed. “How long do you have detention?”

“We may have gotten into more trouble.”

“What could you have possibly done?” she asked in dismay.

“Gambled during quiet time.”

She laughed, “Only you could get detention while in detention.”


Veronica leaned against his locker, “I’m beginning to think that you like Weevil more than me.”

“Funny,” Logan smirked.

“Well, you just spent some quality time washing Mr. Daniels car together. And did I hear right? You still have detention tomorrow?”

“The English teacher thinks that he can intimidate us. Scare us into being good and proper students.”

She kissed his cheek. “Just don’t get expelled. I’d miss sitting with you at lunch.”


“I didn’t even know they expelled people at our school,” Duncan commented at lunch.

Dick smirked, “Well, not our people.”

His hand tightened around Veronica’s, Logan frowned, “They expelled him?”

Duncan nodded. “They had security escort him off the grounds. I was in the office getting my schedule changed and you could hear Daniels just blowing a fuse.” Duncan pointed his finger and did his best impersonation of Daniels, “ ‘Tell us who helped you. Tell us who helped you!’”

“I guess putting a teacher’s car through a pole is grounds for expulsion,” Veronica said worriedly, looking at Logan who was staring at the table top.


Veronica wrapped her arms around Logan. “I’m so proud of you.”

“Yeah, well, I couldn’t let Weevil take all the credit,” he shrugged.

“You didn’t have to confess.” She smiled, “You did it because you didn’t want Weevil to be expelled.”

“Not true.”

“You bonded with him, didn’t you?” Veronica teased, “All that time you spent with him.”

He clamped a hand over her mouth. “Would you be quiet? Someone might hear you.”

She smiled behind his hand, suddenly sticking her tongue out and licking his palm.

Logan’s eyes darkened as he pulled her up into a deep kiss. They wouldn’t have stopped except for the tapping on Logan’s shoulder. He broke his kiss with Veronica and turned annoyed eyes on the intruder. A sudden smile plastered across his face, “Mr. Clemmons.”

“Come with me,” the V.P. ordered.

He gave her one last quick peck. “Later.”


Clemmons looked at the two boys with a bland expression on his face. “I would like to take the opportunity to remind you both that you’re getting off easy.” He hands a couple of paint rollers to Logan. “This will go on your permanent record, but you’re extremely fortunate that you’re not being suspended or expelled.”

Weevil asked snippily, “Does it go on my permanent record that I was un-expelled?”

Clemmons narrowed his eyes. “Don’t push your luck, Eli.” He walked away, leaving the two alone in front of a graffiti covered wall.

Weevil grabbed a roller from Logan. “I’ll take this one.”

They began painting over the graffiti at opposite ends of the alcove. Logan glanced over in Weevil’s direction and happened to spot a heart shaped tattoo under his arm. He let out a little snort.

Hearing it, Weevil looked at him. “What’s up with you?”

He nodded toward Weevil’s back. “The tattoo.”

“What about it?”

“I hope you have the money to pay for laser surgery,” Logan smirked.


“I wouldn’t think that you’d still want her name permanently etched on your body.” Logan continued to roll the paint. “She wasn’t exactly the most faithful woman in the world.”

Weevil glared at him. “If Lilly treated you so badly, why’d you always take her back?”

“Glutton for punishment,” Logan shrugged.


Veronica took a deep breath as she stepped out of the school wearing Meg’s cheerleading uniform. She was going to kill whoever dumped her clothes in the toilet, just as soon as she figured out who it was.

Meg looked at her apologetically when she heard all the cat calls and whistles thrown Veronica’s way. “I usually have sweats in my locker. Sorry.”

“No, this is perfect. I just have to resist the urge to do a cartwheel.” Veronica smiled.

“Why don’t you come have lunch with us?” Meg pointed toward Duncan and the 09ers, sitting at their regular table.

“I think I’m going to go straight home and change, but thank you for this,” Veronica gestured to the outfit. She waved and then headed over to her car.

“Hey, Veronica!” Logan jogged up to her. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her in greeting. “What’s with the uniform?” A wide smile stretched over his face. “Did you join the cheerleaders or did you borrow a uniform to fulfill one of my many fantasies?”

“Sorry, neither.” She leaned back against her car.

“Damn,” he teased and dropped his head in disappointment. “Seriously, why are you wearing a cheerleading uniform?”

“Someone decided that the proper place for my clothes was the toilet,” Veronica said angrily. “Meg was nice enough to lend me this, so that I didn’t have to go home wearing a towel.”

Logan’s expression darkened. “Who? Who did it?”

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.”

“Wait,” he thought a moment, “all your clothes?”

She rolled her eyes, but nodded.

He gestured to her outfit, “So under that uniform is…”

“Not underwear,” she smirked.

He groaned.

“Sorry, I can’t stay and play,” she teased. She kissed him. “I’m going home to change. Maybe I’ll make it back for sixth period.” She slipped into her car before he could say anything further.

“You’re killing me, Mars,” he called after her.

Blowing him a kiss, she drove off.

Shaking his head, his wry grin fell into a serious frown. Turning on his heel he headed over to the 09er table, taking a seat beside Duncan. He caught the tail end of an explanation.

Dick explained to Meg, “It's this online list of questions of everything you could possibly do that's dirty or fun or illegal: have you smoked pot, have you ever shoplifted…”

“Have you ever done a reverse cowgirl?” Duncan added.

Logan and Duncan both raised eyebrows at Pam’s fake laughter.

Duncan continued, “And then it tallies up your answers and gives you the score of what percentage pure you are. The lower the score, the badder you've been.”

“So if you get a sixty, you're sixty percent pure, forty percent sack jockey. Anything under sixty's really slutty,” Pam commented.

“Unless you’re a guy,” Duncan smirked.

“It was emailed to the whole school,” Kimmy added. “Everyone’s taking it.”

Logan snorted, “Not everyone.”

“You didn’t take it?” Dick offered up his laptop, “You got to do it, man. Let’s find out who’s been badder.”

Logan scoffed, “I have better things to do with my time.”

Meg nudged Duncan’s shoulder. “What’d you score?”

He ducked his head. “Sixty-nine.”

The guys all laughed at the number.

Logan slapped him on the back, “Good job, man.”


“Twenty seconds, baby,” Veronica cheered enthusiastically, munching on her popcorn.

Wallace looked at her in shock. “You’re this excited about the super featherweight crown?”

“I know, I’m usually so passive.” Veronica looked at Logan happily, “But our bond grows stronger everyday, he-who-has-satellite-dish.”

Logan threw popcorn at her. “I’m going to have to start charging admission if you spend much more time on my couch.”

“So, did you take the purity test?” Wallace asked the pair. At their offended looks, he shook his head, “Yeah, me neither. Stupid, right. “

“What'd you score?” Veronica asked, knowingly.

”Seventy,” Wallace said bashfully.

“Wow, you are thirty percent, danger-lovin', girl-touchin' rock star,” she cheered him on.

”More like one point away from being cool,” Logan smirked.

Veronica glared at Logan, then turned back to Wallace. “Here,” she unzipped her top and flashed him her sports bra. “Now you’re a big stud. Happy?”

Wallace’s chuckles are cut short by Logan’s dark looks. He looked worriedly at Veronica as Logan stomped away.

“That had to worth at least two points,” she said softly.

He shook his head. “If he kills me, you owe me.”

Suddenly, Logan was back with his laptop. He dropped down on the sofa beside Veronica and started doing the Purity Test.

“What are you doing?” she leaned over to look at his answers.

“If you flash Wallace for getting a seventy, I wonder what you’ll do once you find out my score,” he smirk.

Wallace let out a sharp laugh.

Veronica watched as Logan answered the questions. “You’ve done it in a moving car?”

“Shh,” he shushed her. “I’m concentrating here.”

Pouting, she remained silent as he completed the test, the super featherweight championship forgotten. When he was done, her eyes widened in awe, “Wow, forty-two.” She took the laptop from him and skimmed through his answers again. “You really are my bad boyfriend, aren’t you?” She leaned up and kissed him.

Logan chuckled and surfed back to the homepage of the website. He was going to convince Veronica to take the test. He smirked when he saw the new images.

She looked up at Wallace. “Listen to this. ‘Not that innocent? Buy the results of anyone’s purity test. Ten dollars will let you know if you’re dating an angel from heaven or a hottie from hell.’”

Wallace frowned, “That’s crazy. You can go on there and buy anyone’s test?”

Logan smiled, “I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait for school tomorrow.”

Veronica shared his smile. “You’re not worried that people will find out what a bad boy you are?”

“I don’t have anything to hide.” He thought for a moment, “Maybe I should buy Dick’s and see what he scored.”

“You’re not curious about Duncan’s score?”

“Sixty-nine,” he smirked.

She laughed.

Wallace swore, “Damn. How did Duncan get a lower score than I did?”


The halls were in chaos.

Veronica walked through the school listening to the accusations, the propositions, girlfriends beating on their boyfriends, boyfriends yelling at their girlfriends. It was unbelievable how many numbers below sixty were floating around the school. She stood by her locker, getting her books for class, when she turned around and saw Meg scrubbing the number forty-eight off her locker.

“Hey,” Veronica greeted. “Need some help?”

Meg sniffled, “I didn’t even do anything.”

“I know.”

“You believe me?”

“Meg, you’re the last good person in this school. I’d believe if cartoon birds braided your hair this morning,” Veronica teased. She pulled out some wet naps from her bag and started scrubbing along with her.

Meg smiled, “Not the last good person.”

Veronica smiled at the compliment. She then asked Meg, “Duncan hasn’t reacted badly to this has he?”

Meg shook her head, a smile on her face. “He doesn’t believe it either. He actually went to look for some cleaning solution for me.” Sighing, Meg leaned against her locker, “This is crazy. I didn’t even take the test.”

“Maybe someone stole your password and took it for you.”

“Who would do such a thing?”

“I don’t know, but we could find out.”


“Meg, meet my new friend Mac,” Veronica introduced the two girls as they settled around a table in the quad. “I spoke to the school’s tech guy and he seems to have some very upstanding morals when it comes to people’s privacy. So no go there.”

Meg wanted to scream. “I can’t take it anymore. They call me at home, email me porn, slut sneezing.”

“Slut sneezing?” Veronica exchanged confused glances with Mac.

Meg demonstrated by fake sneezing through the word slut.

“Ah,” Veronica nodded, “classy.”

“I just want it to stop.” She dropped her head on her arms crossed over the table.

“That’s what we’re here for,” Veronica smiled.

Mac nodded, “I’m going to try to sneak my way into the Purity Test site. Try to find out when and where your test was posted from.”

“Then maybe we can narrow down our list of culprits from anyone at school,” Veronica smiled.

“Thanks, guys. I just don’t want people to keep thinking I’m the biggest slut in school.”

“Well, second biggest,” Logan announced. He wrapped his arms around Veronica, pulling her to her feet.

“What’s going on?” she asked, as he dragged her along behind him.

Meg and Mac followed behind them.

Logan stopped when they reached Veronica’s locker. “You got a fourteen on the Purity test? You’ve been holding out on me, Ronnie,” he teased.

Veronica’s eyes narrowed to slits. “That’s it. Now, it’s personal.”


Mac leant over Veronica’s shoulder when Veronica couldn’t log on to her school account. “Somebody's logged on as you right now. It says they're on a computer in the journalism room.”

Veronica grabbed her bag and raced to the journalism room just as the bell was ringing. She found the computer that their culprit had been using. Sitting down, she checked her account.

“So, how hush-hush are the contents of your mailbox?” Mac asked curiously.

“Just homework and class schedules. Anything on the QT, I keep in my personal email, not my Neptune – Oh god. My outbox. There's an email from me to my ex-boyfriend.”

“Duncan Kane? You used to be all anyone gossiped about. You still are, just…in a different way. So what does it say?”

Veronica shook her head. She narrowed her eyes when an instant message popped up on screen. “Froggy.” She raised an eyebrow, she knew who their culprit was. “We have all the information we need.” She hopped to her feet and stormed out of the room.

Mac raced after her, “We do? Wait, Veronica. Who is Froggy, do we know? Who's Froggy?”


“Now this is an activity that I enjoy,” Logan leaned over the shift stick and kissed Veronica.

She shoved him away. “We’re not here to make out.”

He slumped back against the seat. “Then why are we here?”

“You’re here, because I know you’d be pissed that you weren’t here to ‘protect’ me from the ‘dangerous’ elements. I’m here, because I’m about to get some blackmail material.”

She reached to the seat behind her and grabbed her bag. Pulling her camera out, she checked the flash, then climbed out of the car. “Here, be useful. Hold my bag.”

Logan watched as Veronica snuck up to the car parked a few yards away and started taking pictures. He saw the bodies moving inside the car and heard the shrieking. His eyes followed her in disbelief as she made a quick one-eighty around the hood of the car and then ran back, jumping in the driver’s seat beside him. He quirked an eyebrow. “I think I’m going to need a explanation.”


Meg rushed into the room, handing tapes to the camera man. “This is the debate club piece, the school board meeting and the lacrosse team.” She raced around the anchor desk and took her seat to make the broadcast. “Last night’s victory continued the winning streak for the Pirate lacrosse team. Kevin Stockland has the story.”

On the tape was definitely not the lacrosse team.

“Please it wasn’t me,” Kimmy pled.

“Then who was it?” Veronica demanded.

“It was Pam. Pam posted the test for you. She hates you because you dated both Duncan and Logan, and she’s stuck with guys like Dick. I only posted Meg’s, I swear.”

”Why would you do that?”

“She gets everything I want. Everything. The lead in the musical, cheerleader, the anchor job.”

“Thanks, Kimmy.” Veronica opened her locker and pulled the camera out.

Kimmy was shocked. “Wait, what did you-”

The scene was cut off and the broadcast continued on the lacrosse team story.

Pam shot to her feet. “You dumb wanna-be, freak show!”

“I had to tell her,” Kimmy defended herself.

“Of course you did. Because you’re spineless. Please start crying, because you’re not pathetic enough already. Nice hair cut, but the way. Does Meg know you bring her picture to Fantastic Sam’s?”

Kimmy ran out of the room crying.

“Very dramatic, Kimmy. Very Meg.”


Logan ran to catch up with his girlfriend. He surprised her by swinging her up in his arms and twirling around. “So, it turns out my girlfriend isn’t slutty after all.”

Veronica sighed once she’d settled into his arms. “Such a shame. Of course, just because someone else posted her test, doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t get an equally low score if she’d done it herself.”

“Are you saying that you, Veronica Mars of the pink hair ties and cotton candy, have been naughty?” Logan asked skeptically.

“I guess you’ll never know.”

“How about you tell whoever created the Purity test website to reset your test and you take it like the little trooper you are,” Logan suggested.

“And how would I know who created the website?”

“I know you know.”

Veronica watched as Mac drove out of the parking lot, waving from her brand new Beetle. She smirked and looked at Logan, shrugging. “I don’t have a clue.”

“Sure, you don’t.” He lift her over the side of her car and dropped her into the backseat.

“And how do you expect me to drive from back here?”

“I don’t.” He walked away laughing. “See you later.”

Meg leaned against the Le Baron. “I was looking for a white horse.”

“Ooh, so now I’m your knight in shining armor?”

“Pretty much. All of a sudden everyone's running up to me saying how they never believed I did those things.”

“I’m glad.” Veronica quirked her head, “Funny, no one’s come running up to me.”

“It’s because everyone’s afraid of Logan,” Meg laughed.

“That’s why I didn’t get the slut sneezes. And I was so looking forward to them,” she said dryly.

Meg sighed, “Must be nice to have a boyfriend that protects your honor like that.”

Veronica smirked, “‘Protects my honor’?”

“You know what I mean.”

“Duncan stood by you. He didn’t even believe for a second that you got a forty-eight.”

“But he didn’t say anything or try to stop everyone from mocking me. He just stood by.”

“While Logan jumped into action,” Veronica understood. Duncan had always been the type to stand tall and take it. Logan, on the other hand, jumped into action without thinking of the consequences. “I don’t think you want Duncan to be like Logan. My boyfriend is constantly getting into trouble.”

Meg shook her head, a smile on her face. “I don’t want Duncan to be like Logan, but I would’ve liked if Duncan had at least tried to stop all the ridicule. I don’t see him threatening to punch anyone who says something bad about me, but saying something would have been nice.”

“Is that what Logan did? Threaten to beat up anyone who insulted me?” Veronica asked curiously.

“Not exactly. Dick was making jokes. How Logan was holding out on them, not sharing… stories. Logan didn’t say a word. He just glared at Dick and shouldered him in the solar plexus. Dick fell like a ton of bricks. Then Logan just smiled and acted like nothing unusual had happened, asking the rest of the guys who really believed that Dick got a fifty-three on the Purity test. All the while, Dick was lying at their feet.”

A smile spread across Veronica’s face. “He winded Dick for me? That’s so sweet.”

Meg laughed, “It gets better. Mr. Clemmons came by and asked why Dick was on the ground. Logan told Clemmons that Dick was trying to peek up girls’ skirts. Dick got detention for a week.”

“My boyfriend,” Veronica sighed, “he’s so chivalrous.”

“Also a little scary.”


Veronica was speaking to Miss Mills, when Casey Gant stepped somberly into the room.

“Mr. Clemmons just called me to his office,” he said, tears streaming down his cheeks, “My grandma died this morning.”

Miss Mills hugged him, “Oh, Casey.”

Veronica stood by, watching the teacher comfort the student, surprised by their interaction. She moved up and rubbed Casey’s arm. “Do you need a ride to the hospital?”

He pulled away from Miss Mills, wiping the tears from his face. He gave her a small smiled, “Thanks.”

“Come on.” She took his hand. Settling into the car, Veronica asked, “You and your grandmother are very close?”

“She’s the closest family I have.”

“Was her… passing… unexpected?”

He shook his head, “She’s been in the hospital for years now. A couple years ago, she started having strokes, started forgetting things. It was hard seeing her like that.” He dropped his head, “The worst part, my parents call her ‘grand monster’ behind her back. They stopped visiting her.” He snorted, “That is until they realized that grandma left everything to me.”

Veronica frowned in confusion.

He scoffed, “My parents’ fortune? Every last nickel of it comes from grandma’s publishing company. Mom and Dad have nothing to do with it. Grandma provided for everything.”

“How long have they known she was willing her money to you?”

“Almost a year now.”

“Is that why they took your car?”

Casey smiled, shaking his head. “No, I sold the Porsche. Donated the money to the Moon Calf Collective. It’s a place I go, you know, to clear my mind.”

She smiled, “Is that when you took up hackey-sack?”


At his look of surprise, she shrugged, “I notice things.” She’d also noticed Casey’s change in appearance. He no longer wore the expensive brand names. He dressed more casually than he used to and looked scruffier. Veronica had to admit to herself that she liked this new Casey better. He didn’t seem as cocky or unfeeling as he used to be. Maybe his grandmother’s sickness brought things into perspective for him.

She stopped the car at the hospital entrance. “You go in. I’m going to park. I’ll come find you.”

“You don’t have to stay,” Casey stated, not wanting to inconvenience her.

She smiled, “But I’m your ride.”


Veronica sat with Casey as they waited for the doctor to come and explain the situation.

Casey was worried about handling all the details. He’d never planned a funeral before.

“Don’t worry. I can help,” Veronica offered.

“You’ve done this before?”

“Well, no, but it’s just a party – a sad one, without a rocking DJ – but still a party.” Veronica was happy that she’d made him smile a little. She was surprised when she saw who was walking towards them, “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Logan smirked, “You drive off with another man and you don’t expect me to come after you?” He nodded to Casey, “Sorry to hear about your grandmother.”

“Thanks.” Casey shook his hand.

Logan sat down beside Veronica. “So, what are we waiting for?”

“The doctor,” she answered. “We were just talking about making funeral arrangements.”

“I can help with that,” Logan stated. He dropped his head, “My mom’s having me help with Aaron’s funeral.”

“He’s not dead yet,” Veronica pointed out.

“He will be,” Logan said coldly. “Lynn just wants to be prepared. She’s got the casket picked and everything. Aaron will be buried in grand style.” He looked up at Casey, “Your grandmother’s funeral won’t be quite the media circus as Aaron’s will be, but I can still help with the details.”

Casey nodded his thanks.

Veronica held both boys’ hands in comfort. It was going to be a long wait.


Veronica and Logan stood beside Casey during the funeral. They watched his parents shed fake tears and internally scoffed in disgust. As the funeral ended, the three turned and began to walk away.

Miss Mills and her boyfriend hugged Casey and left after inviting Veronica and Logan down to join them at their farm.

Casey smiled at the pair, “I appreciated you being here. For no reason that I can see, you've been a real friend to me lately.”

“That’s all Veronica’s doing,” Logan joked. “I really can’t stand you.”

Casey smirked, “I guess I don't think that you were faking the kindness. Am I wrong?

Logan simply shrugged in response, smiling.

Veronica hugged Casey. “Logan won’t admit it, but he’s actually a nice guy.”

Casey gave a small laugh and then sighed, “Well, I guess I better go have this conversation with my parents. They want to hear that I'm not going to let them starve.”

“If they were my parents,” Logan glared at the older couple waiting outside the limo, “I’d let them starve.”

Veronica punched his arm. “Don’t give him any ideas.”

Casey laughed, waving as he headed toward the limo and his parents.

Veronica and Logan watched as two men suddenly grab Casey and shove him in the limo. They could see Casey struggle a little. Running to try to stop them, they were too late, the limo had driven off.

“What the hell?” Logan swore.


“Dad, you have to do something, Casey’s just been kidnapped.”

“What?” Keith sat up. “What are you talking about? Kidnapped by who?”

“By his parents and this creepy guy. They grabbed him after the funeral and shoved him in the back of their limo.”

“They grabbed him? So it was against his will, then? He tried to get away?”

“No,” she pouted, “it’s not like he was running from them. I was kind of far away but I could tell he was surprised by what was happening.”

Keith stood, walking over to crouch in front of his daughter. “Okay. I wasn't there. You saw what you saw, I'm not doubting your interpretation but you’re telling me an 18 year old kid got into a car with his parents after his grandmother's funeral. There's nothing I can do.”

She slumped into the chair, “I’m just worried. He told me that his parents have been worried, because they don’t have any money, or jobs for that matter. It’s all Casey’s.”

“Why don’t we wait for a couple days? See what happens, okay?”

She nodded. “It’s just. He’s been so different lately, from before.”

“Different how?”

“He’s nice now. Before, he was a bigger jerk than Logan, but now he’s so sweet.”

Keith grinned, “A bigger jerk than Logan, huh? Who could imagine?”

Veronica laughed, then sighed. “I was wondering if maybe it’s the farm that he goes out to.”

“What farm?” he asked idly.

She shrugged, “One of the English teachers at school owns this farm. Casey says people live out there, like they’re back in the hippy generation. They have communal meals, campfires, singing, poetry reading, sharing the love, that kind of stuff.”

“And you’re saying that Casey’s behavior has changed since he started going out there.”

“I guess. I don’t exactly know when he started going.”

“Veronica, it sounds like he might have joined a cult,” Keith said worriedly. “You haven’t gone to this farm, have you?”

“No, but I don’t think it’s a cult. The way Casey describes it, it’s just a bunch of sweet, naïve, sixties throwbacks.”

“Maybe, but I don’t want you going out there.”


Logan and Veronica stopped when they heard Wallace call her name.

He ran up to join them. “What’s up?”

Before either could answer, a Porsche Boxer squealed to a stop in a parking spot behind them.

“Now that’s a sweet ride,” Wallace admired the car.

Casey steps out, clean cut and dressed to impress in black buttoned down shirt and grey slacks. He nodded to the couple, “Logan, Veronica, what’s up?” before he sauntered away.

Logan raised an eyebrow. “What happened to him?”

Veronica sighed, “My guess? He’s been brainwashed.”

“Maybe he’s just a jackass,” Wallace shrugged.

“I heard that he tossed his parents out of the house,” Duncan joined them. “They made a big scene.”

Veronica was surprised, “Really?”

Duncan nodded, “Apparently, the parents hired this specialist to talk Casey into taking responsibility and stop throwing money around recklessly.”

“The brainwashing backfired,” Veronica said dryly.

“Or worked too well,” Logan smirked, “The little ‘talk’ worked. He stopped throwing money at money grubbers?”

“The collective?” Veronica asked.

“His parents.”


Duncan and Meg saw Logan standing at his locker.

“What’s that?” Duncan nodded to the envelope in Logan’s hands.

“Front row tickets,” he smirked, “to my father’s execution.”

Duncan tensed, “It’s happening now?”

“Great Christmas present, isn’t it?” Logan shoved the letter back in his locker, slamming it shut.

Meg looked queasy. “You’re not going, are you?”

“And pass up the opportunity to watch the bastard die?” Logan snorted as stared at something in front of him. “Not likely.”

Meg and Duncan turned to see what he was looking at.

“Why would Veronica talk to Weevil?” Duncan asked curiously.

“No idea,” Logan said as he headed over to join his girlfriend. He wrapped his arm around her possessively, kissing her temple. “Morning.”

She grinned up at him. “Logan, Eli heard about the poker game you’re hosting. He wants to play.”

Logan shook his head, “Sorry, I can’t.”

“A thousand dollar buy in, right?” Weevil demanded. “I got the money, so what’s the problem?”

“Look, my only concern is property values going down if anyone sees you in my house without a leaf blower or a skimmer.”

Veronica frowned.

“You're concerned? I'm the one who's got to go up into the hills, all by myself. What if I run into a pack of you white boys, huh, on some clean, well-lit street? I could be bored to death,” Weevil sneered.

“Fine,” Logan waved his hand, not caring any more. “It's a thousand dollars in ten crisp one hundred dollar bills.”

Weevil smiled and turned away. “Check you later, V.”

She waved. Then she turned to Logan, eyes narrowed, “Do you have to be so mean to each other?”

“It’s just how we choose to communicate,” Logan smirked. “He’d find it suspicious if I just agreed.”

“So you don’t mind that he’s playing?”

“I get to see you take all his money. Why would I mind?”


Duncan arrived at Logan’s pool house, sliding the door closed behind Meg. “Just to let you know, I am, in fact, feeling lucky.”

Logan snorted, “You always feel lucky.”

Veronica waved at Meg. “Come sit beside me. I’ll teach you to play.”

Meg and Veronica hugged in greeting, and then settled in to chat.

Connor stood to shake Duncan’s hand. “What’s up, buddy?”

Duncan smiled, heading over to the table. Seeing Logan’s hand shoot out, Duncan gave him the money. He nodded to Veronica then frowned in surprise, as he sat down beside Logan. “You’re not Chester.”

Weevil doesn’t respond. He just leaned back against the chair with his arms crossed over his chest.

Logan held up a cookie in offer to Duncan, who nodded and leant down, mouth wide open to bite it, but Logan put it in his own mouth. Duncan snapped his mouth shut, smiling at Logan’s trick.

Logan whispered to Duncan, “Don’t worry. I’m not letting Weevil walk out of here with our money.”

“I’m not worried,” Duncan smirked. “I’m sure Veronica will take care of him.”


Meg leaned over and asked Veronica, “Two Aces is a good thing, right?”

Logan smirked, “I’m not falling for that trick again.”

“Yeah, you tricked us last year,” Duncan agreed. “You’re not going to trick us again this time.”

Connor nodded his consent.

Weevil raised an eyebrow. “Need a little back story.”

Veronica smirked, “Last Christmas, I bluffed them. I pretended to not know how to play.”

Weevil shook his head, “That trick only works on white boys.”

The three guys glared at him.

Weevil smirked and raised the bet.

The pot was well over two thousand dollars before Weevil called.

The boys all flipped their cards.

Logan swore when he saw that Weevil’s full house beat his flush. Duncan and Connor shook their heads.

Weevil grinned, “See, that’s how you win a hand.”

“No,” Veronica smirked. She turned her cards over. “That’s how you win a hand.”

Duncan cursed, “I can’t believe it.”

Logan dropped the cigar he was holding between his fingers.

Connor groaned, “I’m not playing with girls ever again.”

Veronica pulled the pile of chips to her side of the table, stacking them up nicely.

“How the hell-” Weevil swore.

“Meg told you that I had two Aces,” Veronica shook her head. “It’s not my fault you didn’t believe her.”

Meg looked wide eyed at the boys. “I don’t understand. I was worried that Veronica would be mad at me for revealing her hand.”

“You mean you didn’t set this up?” Duncan asked.

Meg shook her head.

Logan smirked, shaking his head at Veronica. “Things always seem to work to your advantage.”


Weevil shook his head. “I’m out.”

Logan nodded, “That’s right.”

Duncan groaned, “Finally.”

Weevil sneered at him, “At least I wasn’t beaten by a girl.”

Duncan rolled his eyes. “If I remember correctly, Veronica took most of your money in the first place.”

“Hey, no bickering at the table,” Logan interrupted, “I have a game to win.”

Veronica smiled, “Looks like it just us.”

“Just the way I like it,” Logan grinned.

Connor came back from the bathroom. “Who’s winning?”

“Veronica,” Weevil answered.


Logan dealt the cards. “Show me what you’ve got.”


Duncan counted out the money, passing it to Logan.

Logan fanned the money with a smirk on his face before shuffling it into a neat stack and handing it to Veronica. “We’re never playing with you again,” he announced before kissing her sweetly.

“Sore losers,” she grinned, folding up her money, “that’s all I have to say.”

Meg smiled, “That was fun. Can I play next time?”

The boys exchanged looks. “No.”

Duncan shook his head. “I’m never playing poker with a girl again.”

“What about strip poker?” Meg asked curiously. “Would you play strip poker with me?”

He blinked, trying to gauge if she was serious. “Definitely.”

Veronica rolled her eyes.

Logan pulled Veronica into his lap. “Would you play strip poker with me?”

“I don’t have to beat you at poker to see you naked.” She leaned into his arms, kissing his neck.

Duncan threw peanuts at them. “Get a room.”


Logan sat with his mother and sister behind the curtained glass window. They waited patiently for the execution to begin. Logan, bored, looked to his left at Jake and Celeste Kane. Beside them was a framed photo of Lilly. He was glad that Duncan had been forbidden from coming, but as the time drew nearer for the actual event, he really wished that one of his friends was beside him to hold his hand.

Logan hated his father. He knew Aaron deserved to die, but he didn’t think that he really wanted to witness it. He was beginning to consider just getting up and leaving, but the curtain finally opened to reveal Aaron strapped to a gurney, dressed in prison orange. Logan’s hesitance at witnessing the execution fled as Aaron made one last dramatic plea of innocence and then of repentance for having slept with his son’s underage girlfriend. Logan narrowed his eyes, holding his father’s stare as the drugs entered Aaron’s system and slowly killed him. Logan’s stare held – even after the heart monitor let out a steady tone, even after the on-site doctor verified the lack of vital signs and pronounced Aaron’s death. It wasn’t until the doctor closed Aaron’s eyes and the curtain dropped that Logan was able to look away.


Veronica looked up when she heard the knock on her window. She ran over and pulled Logan into her room, where he instantly sank to his knees in front of her, wrapping his arms around her waist. She hugged him tightly. “I thought you were going to call.”

“I couldn’t,” his voice cracked. “I needed to get away from there. I needed to come here.”

She smoothed her hand through his hair. “I should have come with you.”

“No, you didn’t need to see that.”

“I could have waited in the car for you. I could have driven you home.”

He shook his head. “This is exactly where I needed you to be.” His grip tightened. “I needed to come home and find you here.”

“I’ll always be here, Logan.” She leant over and kissed his head. “I’ll always be here.”


Logan woke up to find himself curled around Veronica, asleep in her bed. He blinked and then pulled himself up so that his head rested beside hers. He found that she was awake and watching him.

“Merry Christmas,” she whispered softly.

He didn’t respond. Bringing his hand up, he brushed her bangs off her forehead, before resting his forehead against her. Kissing her softly, he whispered, “I love you.”

Her eyes widened in surprise and then teared up in pleasure. She threw her arms around him, pulling him against her. “I love you.”


The End


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Thank you so much for writing this. I absolutely loved it!!!
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Ok. So I love this story so much that I've read it like 3 times now. The whole thing. Maybe it's the wonderful way it's written. Maybe it's the way you perfectly capture Logan and Veronica's teasing while still having them be friendly. Maybe it's how Veronica didn't become as harsh, but she still knows how to solve a mystery and all that. Or maybe it's cuz I'm a sucker and I just love a good romance story, especially a LoVe one. Whatever. It's a great story and I love it.
I loved this! Loved how so much of the same things happened as in canon, but just the fact that V hung out with Logan on the day Lilly died changed everything...like a "Sliding Doors" moment.
-Keith actually LIKES Logan
-Aaron's guilt is discovered right away.
-Duncan and V never reunite romantically (love that!)
But our girl still learns the PI biz and Logan still gets to do asshatty things (just not as OPJ as in canon)
Outstanding. One of the best fics I've read.
This was Attack of the Cute. I loved it. Seriously. I think I need to add it to my memories so I can read it again and again... ;)

Great job!
This was so sweet! I love fics where Logan and Veronica are friends and then they realize it's something more. This was a great read : )
This was absolutely wonderful! I loved it!! :)