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Beat the Heat

Title: Beat the Heat
Author: Snuffybaby
Disclaimer: Rob owns the VM uni.
Rating: NC-17 (for sexual situations and language)
Pairings: LL, LoVe, very minor VD
Word Count: 3,027
Spoilers: Nothing I can think of. Slight for season 1.
Summary: AU. Logan pleas temporary insanity due to heat.
Author’s Note: Just something I threw together really quick. The idea first started for the Loveathon’s Courtroom challenge, but was adapted for the Heat Wave Challenge. Again, sorry for any typos. This was a little rushed.


It was during a heat wave when Logan first lost his mind and allowed his libido to override his better judgment. Of course, at the time he was fifteen and it didn’t take much to persuade him to do something stupid, but he’d always claimed that it was the pulsing heat and the burning sun that had steered him wrong.

To escape the heat of a hot August sun, Lilly and Logan climbed into the backseat of her father’s SUV after blasting the AC. Her parents and Veronica were sitting in the smoldering heat watching Duncan’s championship soccer match and hadn’t noticed Lilly and Logan sneaking away.

Logan had simply leaned back, closed his eyes, and allowed the cool air to blow away the sweat that was coating his body and dripping down his neck. He jumped, sitting up straight in shock when he felt Lilly’s hands pulling his zipper down. “What are you doing?”

She had moved to crouch between his legs. “What does it look like I’m doing?” Her hands delved deep into his pants.

“Your parents could show up any minute.”

“The games barely started. They’ll be plastered to their seats until Duncan’s done. Besides, doesn’t the chance of getting caught make you even hornier?” She giggled as her hands wrapped around him. “See.”

“I’m a fifteen year old boy, Lilly. Everything makes me horny.”

“And I’m here to cool you down.” Her mouth lowered to engulf him between her lips. “Emm, like sucking on a popsicle.”

In the back seat of Jake Kanes’s SUV, Logan and Lilly spent the rest of the afternoon learning the intricacies of giving a blow job.


Logan’s next bout of insanity occurred a year later. Lilly had just dumped him because he spent a drunken night kissing her new friend. Logan was getting hammered at Dick’s latest booze fest, planning on being drunk out of his mind and sleeping with the first women available.

He ran into Veronica.


A little tipsy herself, she braced her hands against his bare chest. Taking a minute to regain her balance and process the situation, Veronica finally commented, “You’re not wearing a shirt.” Tilting her head back to look up at him, she asked, “Why aren’t you wearing a shirt.”

“It’s 105º outside. Of course I’m not wearing a shirt.”

She looked down at herself to see that she was walking around in her bikini. “Right.” Someone bumped Veronica from behind, knocking her against Logan. “Oops,” she giggled, inanely. “Sorry.”

“Where’s Lilly?”

Veronica pointed in the general direction of behind her. “She went over there.”

“And you’re not with her because?”


“You or her?”


Logan blinked. He'd never seen Veronica so incoherent before. “How much have you had to drink?”

“A few.” She scrunched her face in concentration. “Four.”


She shook her head. “Three.”

“Three beers?”

She nodded. “Four jello shots.”

“Three beers and four jello shots?”


“Five jello shots?”


“What are you doing? You don’t usually drink so much.”

This time her face scrunched up and her eyes became watery.

Logan panicked. “No, no, don’t cry. Ronnie, there’s no reason to cry.”

Veronica wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face against chest.

People around them were beginning to stare, so Logan picked her up and carried her upstairs. The only empty room he could find was the master bedroom. Setting her gently on the bed, he asked, “What’s wrong, Veronica? I never figured you were a depressing drunk.”

“Better than an angry one.” She huffed, “And I’m not drunk. I’m just emotional. Today has been very emotional.”

“And why is that?”

“Duncan and I broke up.”

“Say that again.” He couldn’t believe his ears.

“We broke up.” She crossed her arms over her stomach. “At least I broke up with him. Lilly and I caught him in bed with Pam… or Lilly knew it was happening and she knew I wouldn’t believe her if I didn’t see if for myself, because she thinks I worship Duncan… which is so not true. I love Duncan… or at least I think I do…” She waved her hand in the air, vaguely. “Who knows? Maybe it’s just a crush. If I really loved him, I would be fine with sleeping with him. But I’m not. So he decided to have sex with money grubbing, slutty Pam… keeping me around because he loves me.” She stopped her drunken babble to look around the room. “Is there anything cold to drink? I’m baking in here. Don’t the Casablancas’ have air conditioning?”

“Dick turned it off so that the ladies would be forced to strip down to their swimsuits.”

“It’s too hot.” She tugged off the sarong that had been tied around her hips. “Dick’s an idiot.” She slumped back, so that she was lying across the bed. “Duncan’s a cheating bastard. I hope he rots in hell.”

“Here, here.” Logan toasted before taking a sip from his flask.

“Gimme.” She reached for his flask.

He held it out of her reach. “It’s not cold.”

“Please?” Even lying down, she managed to tilt her head, batting her eyelashes at him.

He couldn’t resist. “Fine.”

She took a slow sip. “Bleh, whiskey.” She shuddered as the alcohol burned down her throat, not easing her thirst at all. “Water.” She rolled onto her side, before stumbling to the bathroom. Turning the tap on to Cold, she ducked her head to try to catch the water in her mouth. She was having difficulty until Logan cupped his hands beneath the flowing water, directing the soothing liquid to her lips. Her eyes watched him as she gulped the refreshing fluid. Satisfied, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, the rivulets of water trailing down her arm.

She stood there watching him, considering.

Her body slammed against his, even as her lips smashed against his mouth.

“Are you throwing yourself at me, Mars?”

She pressed her lower body against his. “What do you think?”

“Must be my lucky day.” Logan reached for her bare skin, touching everything in his reach, until he demanded more… demanded everything. He had her out of her bikini in minutes with his hands roaming all over her smooth skin.

“Too hot,” she whispered, pulling away from him.

The next thing he knew he was being pushed down on to the bed and Veronica was kneeling before him, tugging off his trunks. Flushed red, she wrapped her small hands around the base of his member. She studied him candidly. “You’re bigger than Duncan.”

“Not exactly something I wanted to know.” Logan reached out and brushed one of her French braids behind her shoulder. He fell back, clutching on to the end of her braid when her lips enveloped him. “Veronica,” he moaned when she scraped her teeth lightly against him, before swathing him with her tongue. He fought to keep his hips still as her head bobbed slowly up and down, her hot mouth teasing him. He could feel his body tightening, his release approaching.

She pulled away.

Logan’s mouth dropped in disbelief.

Veronica smiled at him coyly. “You didn’t think I’d let you come without me, did you?” She climbed on top of him. “Are you a greedy lover?”

Logan knew she was drunk and that she was acting out of character, but he didn’t give a damn. He allowed his frustration and his lust control him. Growling, he flipped them over and delved his fingers inside her. She was dripping wet. “Shit,” he mumbled, as her tight sheathe gripped him.

“Logan,” she whimpered in need, driving up against his hand.

Maintaining a tight reign over the tiny thread of control he had left, he manipulated his fingers against her, forcing her closer to her peak. His hand spread her moisture around, smoothing the way for his entrance.

Her hands clutched his shoulders, her nails digging in when he finally sunk home.

Logan almost came when he was at last buried inside her. “Tight,” he muttered. “So tight.”

Sweat slicked bodies moved against each other. High pitched pants and whimpers were harmonized by low pitched groans and rumbling. Their chorus was added to by the thump of the headboard against the wall and the beat of music pounding through the house. The song ended with a short bark of release and a muffled scream.

The morning after, they both woke to pounding headaches, embarrassment and the promise never to mention what happened in Dick Senior’s room again.


Lunacy continued during the summer of Logan’s eighteenth year. He and Lilly were on again and she had gotten the bright idea to go to Vegas for summer vacation. Like most summers in Nevada, a heat wave hit town. Logan and Lilly spent the majority of their time romping around their hotel room naked.

“Do you love me?” Lilly demanded.

Logan looked up at her as if she were insane. “If you haven’t noticed, we’re in the middle of something here.”

Lilly was poised straddling his naked hips, mid bounce. “Logan, I’m serious.”

“You couldn’t wait until after we finished?” He tried to thrust up into her, but she lifted herself away.

“Answer the goddamn question.”

“Of course, I love you. Why the hell do you think we keep playing the games that we do?” he shouted, aggravated and horny.

“Marry me?”

He’d always blame it on the heat, but Lilly and Logan eloped that summer in Vegas.

A few days later – after the heat wave had passed – they got divorced.


At twenty one, Logan returned to Neptune for a small reunion that Lilly was holding at the Kane mansion. Lilly wanted to hold court over all the 09ers, reliving her glory days. Now that she had graduated from college, she should be joining the real world and looking towards her future. Instead she was falling back into her past, hoping to party away her twenties.

Being Lilly, everything had to be perfect, and since she was Neptune’s very own Princess, everything was perfect… even the weather.

A searing 98º, everyone was lounged around the pool, the air conditioning blasting out from the house to cool the immediate area.

Logan sprawled out on a lawn chair, getting drunk on tequila, watching his currently off again girlfriend flirt with everyone around her. He’d bet his trust fund that she’d sleep with at least two of the guys before the sun was set. Tearing away from his deliciously cruel blond, his eyes wandered the other party goers, only to land on a certain petite blond that he hadn’t seen since high school.

He sauntered over to her, tequila bottle dangling from his fingers. “Veronica Mars. I never thought I’d see again.”

Lowering her sunglasses, she smirked at him. “I could say the same about you.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Visiting Lilly.”



Logan couldn’t remember the rest of the conversation. Somehow he managed to spill his tequila on her and he found himself draped across her, licking up the remnants of his beverage from her chest.

“All clean,” he grinned.

She patted his shoulder. “I think I’ll go take that shower.”

“Mind if I join you?”

The pair disappeared into the house, up to the second floor and into the guest bath. Logan stood by the door as piece by piece Veronica’s bikini hit the floor. He had to shake himself out of the daze caused by the sight of water cascading over her naked body. Shucking off his clothes, he stepped into the shower behind her.

“Took you long enough.” Veronica leaned back against him, her raised arms clutching his head as she turned her head back to capture his lips.

His hands came up to cup her breasts, squeezing the firm mounds and tweaking their tips. One hand followed the fall of water down her stomach to find the treasure between her legs. Not really in the mood for foreplay, Logan bent her over so that her hands braced against the shower wall and he thrust in from behind. The fire within them burned even as the water cooled their skin.

It didn’t take long for his fast, shallow thrusts to push both of them over the edge. Logan was buried deep as he came.

The shower rained down on them as they regained their breath.

The flat of her hand landed on his hard abs, pushing him gently, forcing him to withdraw. Their separation lasted long enough only for her to turn around and grab him. Her hands pumped him back to readiness as she climbed his body.

“Again?” Logan asked huskily.

She answered against his lips. “It’s too hot to do anything else.”

In the end, he braced himself with one hand as he drove into her with her back pressed up against the shower wall.

Later that evening when the party ended, Logan left for New York and Veronica rejoined her quasi-boyfriend at Stanford.


Excessive heat not only contributed to Logan’s lack of sanity, but also played a part when deciding to wed. This time in Reno, Logan had turned twenty-five and was celebrating with fellow classmates their success at completing law school and passing the bar exam.

They’d spent the night buying shots for each other, so by morning Logan expected to wake up with a throbbing head and a hangover. What he didn’t expect was to wake up with a redhead slumped across his chest and a gold ring on his finger.

He didn’t even like gold.

He didn’t like redheads either.

He shook his bed partner awake and together they applied for a divorce.

By the age of twenty-five, Logan was married and divorced twice.

He smirked. He was catching up to Lilly.


Having chosen family law, Logan usually enjoyed cheating a spouse out of their rightful settlements, but the day was stifling hot and the Neptune Courthouse had failed to keep up on the maintenance work of the air conditioning. Sweating in his Armani suit, Logan looked up from the file he had prepared for his most recent divorce case. He gave his client a reassuring smile and then glanced over at the ex. He’d met the opposition’s lawyer before in other California courts and was happy to say that he had won on every occasion. His eyes wandered to the blond sitting behind the lawyer.

His smile dropped.

He always knew in Neptune his luck would change.

Because in Neptune, Veronica Mars, private investigator extraordinaire, reigned.

Logan smirked at his client. “You could have told me that Veronica was working for your wife.”

Dick shrugged, “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Be prepared to fork over your money, Dick. I doubt Veronica would show up in court unless she had solid proof that you broke the terms of your prenup.”

“Dude, I was careful.”

“‘Dude,’” Logan mocked, “you’re thirty. Stop saying, ‘dude.’” Stepping away from his side of the courtroom, Logan approached Veronica. “Long time no see.”

Veronica stood and hugged him. “Prepared to lose?”

“Unfair advantage. I didn’t know opposing council had hired you.”

“You know me, I’d do anything to stick it to Dick. Even help Madison gain millions.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll convince Dick to settle.”

She smiled. “Coffee after?”

He checked his watch. “How about lunch?”

“It’s a date.”

The date turned out to be a quickie in the janitor’s closet.

Logan rested his forehead against hers. “One more time?”

She moaned as she felt him harden again inside her. Her legs tightened around his waist even as she nodded her agreement. “Logan,” she hissed when he pushed into her, plunging deeper.

His hands planted against her ass, he seesawed against her, the sound of flesh slapping filling the small closet. “So tight. Ronnie, have you been saving yourself for me?”

“In your dreams, Echolls.”



“You know, we’re going to get caught one day,” Veronica panted. Straddling Logan’s lap, she was bobbing up and down, her skirt bunched up around her waist.

“I can’t help it if I can’t keep my hands off of you.” His lips nibbled the side of her neck.

“This is silly. We’ve been together for almost a decade and we’re still doing it like rabbits.”

“That’s what makes us so great.”

“That’s what makes us so horny,” she corrected. “If it weren’t for all the hot sex, we’d have nothing in common.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” Logan jerked up, slamming her down against him as he spewed inside her. “We have tons in common.”

“Yeah?” she whispered huskily. “Like what?”

“You want a list?” he asked, “because my brain isn’t exactly functioning right now.”

“I’ll just add it to the things you owe me.” She climbed off him. Her legs still numb, she wobbled a bit.

“Judge Echolls?” The new intern suddenly burst into the office.

Logan pulled his robe over his lap, while Veronica turned her back to finish buttoning up her blouse.

“You wanted me to remind you that you’re needed in court in fifteen minutes?” the intern said nervously.

“Of course.” Logan waved his hand, dismissing the boy. “Next time, you could just use the intercom.”

“Right.” He nodded eagerly as he jotted that fact down on his little notepad.

“Was there something else?” Logan demanded.

“Victoria is here.”

“Send her in.”

The intern rushed back out, shutting the door behind him.

Veronica smiled as Logan stood and readjusted his clothing. “There must be something about you, Judge Echolls. Why else would a woman like me suffer through a heat wave in a courthouse that never has working air conditioning?”

“Could it be my rock hard body?” He placed a soft kiss on her nose. “Or because I can go all night long, Mrs. Echolls?”

“Hmm,” she tapped her chin, considering. “Maybe because I love you.” She turned when his office door opened again and a little blond poked her head into the room. “Or because our beautiful daughter adores you.”

Logan scooped up his five year old girl. “How was your day, Tory?”

“Too hot, daddy.”

“Maybe after work, mommy and I can take you to the pool.” Logan smiled as he led his family out of the office.

He’d finally beaten the heat and retained his sanity.


The End

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I <3 it. Great fic. Definately caught me at the end.

awwwwww. very sexy & cute all at the same time. i'm a sucker for any story that results in a happy logan and veronica married at the end (especially when cute kids are involved)!
I love this. Two - count 'em, two - blow jobs for Logan, three marriages, one daughter, and he ends up with the right woman. And Lilly lives, too. How great is that? I enjoyed the tipsy Veronica, it's so rare that she gets to have fun and be silly, and I thought your portrayal was fun and just right. And I really enjoyed Logan's maturation process: law student; divorce lawyer; judge. I'm happy that you let him grow up well.

FYI: in the courtroom scene, when Logan realizes Veronica's working for Madison's attorney, he says: Unfair advantage. I didn’t know the opposing council had hired you. I love the line, but usually, when an attorney refers to opposing counsel, he/she says "opposing counsel" rather than the opposing counsel. (Not that it matters, I'm just an anal retentive lawyer....)

I think this is great, and it made me laugh after a long day.
awwww...this was great! I loved it...the ending was great! I love your stories! :)
What a nice hot, sweaty look at Logan and Veronica!

I really like how things were working out for L and V even with Lilly alive.

The scene in Dick Sr. room was really hot, as was the one at Lilly's party.

Great job!
Your icon is hilarious!
Danke! It was recently made for the loveathons summer graphics challenge.

It's been getting tons of attention.
That was hot, man. Very very hot.
This was awesome.
awwwwww, hot AND sweet! That was georgeous, thanks for sharing :)