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Raising the Stakes

Title: Raising the Stakes
Author: Snuffybaby
Disclaimer: RT owns the VM universe.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: LoVe
Word Count: 4,198
Spoilers: 110 – ‘An Echolls Family Christmas’
Summary: AU. Rewrite of the episode.
Author’s Note: I finally managed to finish the rewrite of this episode. I was hoping to have this finished for the Loveathon’s High Roller Challenge, but I was a little late. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Happy New Year!


“Thanks for picking me up,” Veronica smiled when Weevil pulled up.

“What’s up with your car?” he asked after pulling off his helmet.

“Alternator trouble. I’ll have to get it towed.”

“Come on, get on.” He tossed her his helmet. “I hope you don’t have plans tonight.”

“Not really. Why?” She climbed on behind him.

“I have somewhere I’ve got to be and I’m not planning on being late.”


“Logan’s? What are we doing here?” Veronica asked in disbelief when she pulled off her helmet.

“Poker game.”

She arched an eyebrow. “And you were invited?”

Weevil simply smirked.

Passing his helmet back to him, she grimaced as she looked on at the mansion that she had not been a guest in over a year.

“Pool house,” he gestured.

Scowling, she led the way. Pushing opening the sliding glass door, she was met by the surprised grimace of the resident.

“What is she doing here?” Logan demanded.

Weevil moved to step in front of her, but Veronica spoke, “Bad luck on my part. Believe me, I’d rather not spend any time in your presence either.” She stomped over to the sofa chair and slumped down.

Taking a seat at the table, Weevil shrugged out of his jacket. “Are we ready to play?”

“Hand over the cash.” Logan’s glare locked on the back of Veronica’s head. “We’re still waiting on Duncan.” He finally turned to Weevil when a wad of hundreds was slapped in his hand. “Nice to know you can follow instruction.”

The biker quirked an eyebrow as he watched Logan thumbing the bills in his hand. “Nice to know you can count.”

“It’s how I passed kindergarten,” Logan said with mock pride.

Connor grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. “Do you guys want anything?” He quirked an eyebrow at Veronica in question.

Weevil shook his head.

“Skist, if he’s got,” she smiled pleasantly at him.

Grabbing the orange can, he handed it to her. “I’m Connor, by the way.”

“Veronica.” She accepted the drink, “Thank you.”

“Weevil,” the biker muttered cutely, smirking at the movie star trying to hit on V. He turned a sideways glance toward Logan and saw the scowl on the white boy’s face. Leaning back, he ignored the fact that the third white boy was standing behind him.

The sliding door slid open as Duncan walked through cheerfully. “Just want to let you know, I am in fact, feeling lucky.”

On his way back to the table, Connor slapped Duncan’s hand in greeting, knocking their fists together. “What’s up, buddy?”

Duncan stopped by Logan’s side, handing him his part of the pot, where he noticed Weevil sitting across the table. Frowning in confusion, he said, “Hello… You’re not Chester.” As he’s about to sit down, he realized the television on and spotted Veronica sprawled out in front of it. “Veronica? What are you doing here?”

“She came with Weevil.” Logan’s voice riddled with innuendo.

She rolled her eyes at Logan as she explained to Duncan. “Car trouble. Weevil picked me up on his way over.”

“Enough with the chitchat. Let’s play already,” Sean complained.

Duncan finally took his seat beside Logan, eyeing Weevil worriedly.

Logan leaned over. “Hey, don’t worry, okay. There’s no way in hell I’m letting Weevil walk out of here with out money.” He picked up a cookie, offering it to Duncan. Duncan nodded and was about to bite down on it when Logan put it into his own mouth, a cheeky smile on his face.

Duncan snapped his mouth shut, amused by Logan’s antics.

Rolling up the cash in his hands, Logan held it up for everybody to see. He placed the roll into the empty chip box, closing it to start the game.


The guys were all cackling over Connor’s tale of Rosie Perez mistaking Logan for a girl. Logan leaned back in his chair, the permanent scowl on his face deepening.

Sean commented over the laughter, “Connor, you really are like the son Aaron Echolls never had.”

Logan shot Sean a glare.

Connor stood up and headed to the bathroom to answer his phone.

“So, wait. Do you still have the purse?” Weevil asked.

“He gave it to Lilly on her birthday,” Veronica said from her seat on the sofa.

“Thanks so much for sharing,” Logan said bitterly.

She shrugged. “It was a nice purse.”

“Would you please turn your attention back to the game?” Sean smirked. “It’s your deal.”

“Why do you care?” Logan shuffled the deck. “Want to lose your money even faster?”

“There’s still time for Lady Luck to take my side.”

“Like you’ve ever gotten lucky with a lady.”


“How can you play cards when you can’t even get your wallet out of your pocket?” Logan complained as Duncan struggled to get money to pay the delivery man. Grabbing the wallet, Logan counted out some bills.

“And how does he keep winning?” Connor demanded as he scrolled through the numbers on his cell.

“At least I take out my wallet… unlike some cheap ass people,” Duncan glared at Sean.

“If I didn’t know better, Duncan, I’d think you were speaking ill of me.”

“Dude, you get dropped off in a Towncar and you can’t even chip in for beer.”

“I happen to enjoy my ghetto brew affectation.” He held up his Big Mouth Joe and took a sip. “Quenching.”

“You enjoy being a tightwad.”

Logan paid the pizza man and took the stack of boxes.

“Wait, how much did you tip him?”

“I don’t know. A couple bucks.”

“Dude, the bill was sixty… that’s like four percent.”

“Look who’s got beer brains.”

Weevil held out a few bills, stopping Duncan from looking through his wallet for more cash.

“It’s a kinder, gentler Weevil,” Logan snarked.

“It’s Christmas… even for delivery guys.”

“Pa rum pum pum.” He dropped the pizzas on the table, snagging the top box and carrying it over to Veronica. “Here.”

She looked at him in surprise. “Thanks.”

“Whatever.” He joined the boys at the table.

Lifting the lid, Veronica peeked inside and was even more surprised to see that Logan had ordered a pizza with all her favorite toppings. She stared at the back of his head for a minute before taking a slice.


“Sean won again?” Connor remarked as he retook his seat.

“Well, you miss a lot when you go to the bathroom every five seconds,” Logan sneered.

“Tip money for the guy who washes my Jag.” Sean rubbed in his winnings.

“Dude, you don’t even have a license.” Duncan rolled his eyes.

“Dude,” Logan commented, “why does he need a license when he has a chauffeur?”

“Maybe you all wouldn’t play so badly if the TV weren’t on.” Sean threw a glance over his shoulder at Veronica.

“Maybe you all wouldn’t play so badly if you actually knew how to play,” Veronica said blandly. She’d been watching TV all night, not moving from her spot on the couch.

Logan smirked, “Care to put your money where your mouth is?”

“Me?” She turned to look at them. “I’ve already spent more than enough time in your presence.”

Sean suddenly shot up in his seat. “Hot chick. Poolside. Bikini.”

All the guys walked up to the sliding door to watch Lynn Echolls take her late night swim.

Logan remained in his seat, glaring at their backs.

“Dude, is that your mom?” Connor asked.

“Here’s to you, Mrs. Echolls,” Sean cheered her on.

“All of you are going to rot in hell,” Logan stated.

Veronica shook her head. “Boys. So easily distracted.”

Logan turned his sharp gaze to her.

“Put a half naked woman in front of them, they forget everything and you have to wipe the drool off the floor.”


“…I'm Mr. Heat Blister, I'm Mr. 101. They call me Heat Miser Whatever I touch starts to melt in-”

Logan ripped the whiskey bottle out of Duncan’s hand. “You start singing, you stop drinking.”

Duncan pouted and slumped into his chair.

Veronica let out a soft chuckle.

“What’s up with you?” Logan glared.

“Just marveling at how unobservant you all are.”

“And why exactly are we unobservant?” he asked indulgently.

“Duncan’s been playing you all night and none of you noticed.”

The boy in question slumped deeper into his chair.

Veronica tore her gaze from the TV. “He’s not drunk.” Sitting up straighter to gaze at the bottle that Logan was now holding, she asked, “What is that? Ice tea?”

Frowning, Logan sniffed the bottle. A smirk crossed his lips as he shoved the bottle back into Duncan’s hands.

“How very musical theatre of you.”

“How’d you know?” Duncan demanded, completely sober.

“You can't remember the alphabet when you drink let alone figure out twenty percent of the pizza bill.” She turned back to ‘The Year Without a Santa Claus.’

“Can we finish the game please?” Weevil asked in annoyance. Only he and Logan were left.


“I can’t believe he beat you with a pair of twos,” Duncan laughed.

“I’d like my five grand now,” Weevil said smugly.

Annoyed, Logan ordered, “Sean, the money box so I can pay the pool boy.”

Sean pushed the box over. Logan flipped open the lid and lifted the dividers.

The box was empty.

“No!” Weevil shot out of his seat. “No. You guys aren't pulling any of that with me.”

Veronica sat up to see what was going on.

“Weevil, I'm not pulling anything.” Logan looked at everyone at the table. “Where's the money? Guys, where's the money?”

“Where is it?” Weevil shouts.

“Guys, where’s the money?” Logan demanded again.

“Did it fall out?” Sean asked.

Connor looked at him like he was an idiot. “How could it fall out?”

“Maybe it was never in, huh?” Weevil sneered.

Veronica was about to speak, but Logan did first.

“You know, I rolled the money up and put it in the box. You all saw me.”

“Well, I'm not leaving here without my money. Now...do I have to turn each of you upside-down and shake you?” Weevil glared at the rich boys sitting at the table. “Strip.”


Veronica raised an eyebrow.

“Clothes on the table.” He crossed his arms over his chest and waited for them to comply.

They reluctantly shuffled out of the chairs.

Grabbing her drink, Veronica leaned back for the free show.

“This is ridiculous.” Sean threw his t-shirt on the table.

“Yeah, I usually get six figures for this.” Connor’s came next.

“What about you?”

Weevil stood patiently. “I'm the one who got his money stolen.”

“I'm thinking…crabs?”

“I told your mother to clean up.”

“Guys! Play nice.” Logan drew off his belt.

“I'm playing nice. Believe me.”

Logan pulled off his pants, as he noticed Veronica. “Enjoying the show?”

“It is one of the perks of my evening. Right up there with the Heat Miser.” Her wandering eyes danced over Connor’s washboard abs, before settling on Logan’s.

“Did you guys call each other?” Sean commented on Logan and Duncan’s matching boxers.

Weevil was going to begin flipping through Logan’s things to find where the money was hidden when Sean asked, “What about her?”

Veronica’s expression darkened. “What about me?”

“How do we know you didn’t take the money?”

“I wasn’t even near the table.”

“Someone could have passed it to you.”

A grinned spread across Logan’s face. “He’s got a point, Ronnie.”

“Go ahead and look through my bag.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “I’m not taking off my clothes.”

Weevil turned and gave her a sheepish look. “Sorry, V.”

“I offer up my assistance.” Logan took a step toward her.

“I know how to take my own clothes off.” She stood up in anger. Glaring at Weevil, she added, “See if I ever do you any favors again.” Shrugging out of her jacket, she pulled her t-shirt off over her head to reveal her black lace bra.

Sean let out wolf whistle.

Duncan and Connor were too stunned to react. They simply stared.

Toeing off her shoes, she unbuckled her belt and undid her jeans.

Logan’s eyes burned fire when she pushed down her jeans to reveal matching boy-cut black lace panties.

“Happy?” She glowered as she spun around to reveal that there was no possible way for her to be hiding the money on her person. Her irritated frown turned into a disgusted sneer as she took in their reaction to her mostly naked body. “I see that some of you are.”

Duncan grabbed his jeans from the table and turned around to pull them back on. Connor took his pants into the bathroom with him. Sean pulled his pants into his lap as he sat down in the nearest chair.

“Damn girl,” Weevil leered at her.

“Who are you all dressed up for?”

“Who said I dressed for anyone?” Veronica threw Logan an aggravated look.

“What happened to the Veronica that wore white cotton underwear?”

“She grew up.”

Duncan turned back toward the group. “How do you know what kind of underwear Veronica used to wear?”

“How else?”

“All those times… you really were watching Lilly and Veronica changing.”

“Why would I lie?”

“As wonderful as this reminiscing is, can I put my clothes back on?” Veronica grabbed her shirt from the pile.

“I’d really rather you didn’t.” Logan continued to take in the sight of her body.

Sean nodded.

Connor stepped out of the bathroom and sat down at the table.

Ignoring them, she slipped her shirt back on. “You all act like you’ve never seen a girl in her underwear before.”

The guys exchanged baffled looks and balked at the statement.

“I’ve seen my fair share of naked women,” Logan boasted, “doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a half naked woman when she’s dangled in front of me.”

The guys nodded their agreement.

Veronica tugged her jeans back on. “Well, you’ll have to find another half naked girl tonight. I’m done being the floor show.” She grabbed her cell phone about to call her dad to run some background checks on the people in the room, when she realized something. “Who brought the Big Mouth Joe’s?”


“Why?” Sean smirked, “Curious to know where I got them?”

“How many did you bring?” She spotted the one on the table. Walking over she picked it up and looked around the room.

Logan checked the counter. “Well, look at this.” He picked up the green bottle. “Apparently, they give out wads of cash with their beverages now.”

Veronica intercepted the bottle before Weevil could grab it. Taking out the money, she unrolled it and counted out three bills before passing it over to Weevil.

“What the hell?”

“My fee.” She stalked away to gather her things.

Tucking his money away, Weevil turned his attention to Sean.

Swallowing, Sean stood. “You have your money. Can’t we just call it even?”

“You picked the wrong guy to rip off.” Weevil clamped his hand around the back of Sean’s neck and dragged him out of the room. “We’re going to discuss a few things.”

“There’s really no need for physical violence.”

Duncan looked after them, mouth agape. “You don’t think Weevil’s going to hurt him, do you?”

“It’s never smart to piss off the leader of a bike gang,” Veronica commented. She pursed her lips. “And now I have no ride.”

“I’ll drive you home.”

Duncan looked at Logan. “It’s on my way.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Well, it’s definitely not on your way. You’d have to purposely make the trip.”

“I’m heading over to Dick’s.”

“At midnight?”

“What’s your point?”

“Why are you going to Dick’s at midnight?”

“Jealous?” Logan stepped back into his pants. “Anyway, even if I weren’t. It'd still be easier for me to drop Veronica off. You live in the opposite direction.”

Connor smirked at the arguing pair. “Why don’t you let the lady decide?”

“Loathe that I am to say this, but Logan’s right, Duncan.” Veronica slung her bag on her shoulder. “I don’t want to inconvenience you. You actually need to get to school on time tomorrow morning.”

“But it’s alright to inconvenience Logan?” Duncan asked.

“No one expects Logan to be the responsible one.”

“Although that statement is perfectly true, I resent that.” Logan pulled his pants back up.

“Come on, man,” Connor said to Duncan, “I’ll walk out with you.”

“Later boys,” Logan said cheerfully.

Veronica waved after the two departing males and turned to Logan. “Well?”

“Hold your horses. I’m getting dressed here.” He was looping his belt back on as he spoke.

“You wouldn’t happen to be taking your sweet time just so that I’d get more time to ogle your body, would you?”

He grinned, “No, but ogle away.”

“How gracious of you.” She sat back against the sofa.

“What can I say? I’m very generous to the poor.” He stepped closer to her. “Didn’t you have fun tonight in the rich man’s inner sanctum?”

“So much,” she said sarcastically, “Accused of stealing and forced to strip naked.”

“Not naked.”

“Almost naked.”

“At least you weren’t caught wearing granny panties.”

“I’m wondering if I would have preferred that.” She tapped her chin thoughtfully. “Then I wouldn’t be fueling your fantasies.”

“Seems fair to me.” He gestured to his bare chest. “I fuel your fantasies and now you can fuel mine.”

“And why would I be fantasizing about you?”

“Because I’m hot?”

Veronica scoffed good-naturedly as she waited patiently for him to dress. She raised an eyebrow when Logan paused in the middle of pulling his shirt on. “What?”

“Nothing,” he shrugged nonchalantly.

“What?” she demanded, curiosity getting the better of her.

He smirked, “Just wondering if you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is… or rather your clothes.”

Her eyes narrowed at him.

“You seemed to be bragging about your poker prowess earlier.” He tugged his shirt over his head, straightening it so it fell properly across his broad shoulders. “Care to demonstrate?”


Logan arrived at school a man on a mission. He hopped out of his SUV and walked purposefully through the halls until he reached his destination. His hands shot out and cupped the girl’s face before he brought his lips down to hers, pressing her up against the bank of lockers. Oblivious to the crowd gathering around them, he kissed her deeply, hungrily.

Startled at first, Veronica succumbed to his embrace until she gathered her wits enough to remember where they were. She quickly pulled back, cheeks flushing red. “Logan, stop.”

“Where were you this morning?” he whispered.

She glanced at the crowd. “Not here.”

“Veronica-” he whined.

“I had to go. My dad…”

“You should have woken me. I would have driven you home.”

“You were sleeping. I called a cab.” She said softly, “I left a note.”

“You did?”

“On your mirror.”

“What did it say?”

She licked her lips nervously. “That I had to go. I had to get home before my dad woke up.” She ducked her head when she said, “And that I’d see you at school… have lunch with you… if you wanted.”

“Oh, I want.”

“Good.” She turned around in his arms to grab her books from her locker. “Walk me to class?”


Duncan spotted Logan walking down the hall. He stormed toward him, shoving his shoulder, forcing him back against a wall.

Logan looked at his best friend. “What the hell?”

“You and Veronica?”

“Your point?”

“How could you go behind my back like that?”

“What happens between me and Veronica has nothing to do with you.”

“You don’t deserve her,” Duncan said with finality before stomping away.


“What’s this I hear about a certain psychotic jackass mauling you before class?” Wallace demanded of his best friend when he ran into between classes. “I thought we were on the ‘I hate Logan Echolls’ bandwagon.”

Veronica shrugged dismissively. “Woman’s prerogative to change her mind.”

He grinned. “Is that a blush I see? Veronica Mars, your marshmellowiness is showing.”

“Shut up!” She shoved him away from her.

“Seriously,” he flung an arm around her shoulder, “what happened? Last I remember, he was smashing in your headlights.”

“That was months ago… and nothing happened. I spent some time with Logan and some other guys yesterday at a poker game. Afterward, Logan and I played some poker together before I went home.”

“That must have been some poker match.”

“We came to an understanding.”


“I can’t believe I agreed to this.” Veronica leaned back in her chair, clad only in her underwear.

Logan smirked. “You can’t believe that I’m beating you, is what you can’t believe.” He too was scantily clothed, covered only in his boxers. “You had a good run, slowly taking all my clothes, but the tides have turned, my friend. The tides have turned.”

“Friend?” she questioned skeptically.

“Friend? Mortal enemy? Object of many a fantasy? Pick your noun.”

She dealt the cards, unsure how she should react.

Logan clasped his hands on the table. “How about we make this interesting?”

She didn’t say a word, simply waited.

“A kiss.”

“You’re dreaming.”

“You’re afraid.” His fingers spread across the table. “You know your hand can’t beat mine.”

Pride kept her from retorting… or backing down. Through a stiff smile, she said, “Fine.”

“Show me what you got, Mars.”

The hand played out.

And the winner was…


Veronica huffed.

Logan pushed his chair away from the table and leaned back, allowing space for Veronica’s embrace.

She stood and approached. With her hands braced on the chair arms, she leaned in… but was stopped.

“Bra first.”


“You lost the hand.”

“Then why am I about to kiss you?”

“The kiss was extra.”

Not putting up much of a fight, she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Taking a deep breath for courage, she allowed the black lace to drop to the ground. Glaring at him defiantly, she asked, “Happy?”

His eyes were locked on her. “You have no idea.”

Veronica resumed her position, stopping with her lips a hairsbreadth away from his. Bracing her weight, she lowered her head that last millimeter.

The instant their lips touched, it was like igniting a fire.

He pulled her down into his lap.

Her arms went around his neck and shoulders.

Bodies pressed together.

When they finally pulled apart, their chests rose with every pant and their eyes were glassy with passion. They shared a moment of ‘what the hell are we doing?’ But only a moment… before their mouths fused again.

Logan’s hands wandered all over her body, gliding along her smooth, white skin. His lips moved to her neck as his hand dared to slip into her underwear.

“Logan,” she gasped when his fingers brushed against her clit. In need, she pressed herself up against his naughty hand. Head thrown back, her hands gripped his shoulders.

“God, you’re so wet.” His free hand cupped the nape of her neck, holding her against him as the fingers of his other hand slipped inside her.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” Veronica tried to think coherently.

“I disagree.” His exploring hand brushed against her tantalizingly.

She moaned, pressing down on his growing erection. “I haven’t-”

“I know.” Logan watched as her body arched in climax in response to his talented fingers. He claimed her mouth again as he lifted her lax body into his arms and carried her to the pool house bedroom. Gently laying her down, he dragged her boy-cut shorts down her tone legs.

“What are you doing?” Veronica’s eyes shot open to find Logan’s head between her legs.

His tongue flicked at her. “What do you think?”

“You can’t-”

“You’re delicious.” He continued to lap at her as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“Ah!” Her knees rose so that her feet were flat on the bed, opening herself wider to him. “Logan,” she begged for release.

“Come, Veronica.”

She whimpered and then her mouth fell open in a silent scream.

Wiping his face on the corner of the bedspread, he crawled up her body. Reaching to the bedside table, he grabbed a foil square. Kicking off his boxers, he rolled the condom on. Kissing her forehead, along her face, he asked huskily, “Are you sure?”

Looking up at him, her hands lifted to cup his face. She nodded, “Yes.”

Positioning himself, he watched her closely as he slowly entered her.

Her arms wrapped around him – one at his waist, the other at his shoulders. Her grip strengthened as he stretched her.

He pressed his lips to her forehead again. “Ok?”

Her head nodded, unable to form words. “Oh, god,” she cried out when he started to move within her.

“Hold on to me,” he demanded.

Veronica obeyed, holding on for dear life as Logan brought her to ecstasy.

He slumped down on top of her, feeling the burn in his lungs as he fought to regain his breath. Lazily, he trailed kisses on her bare shoulder. “That was the best poker game ever.”

“So what, I was just your winnings?”

“Exactly,” he kissed her lips before wrapping his arms tightly around her, “and now you’re mine.”


The End



Two stories in one night! The best present ever! Loved this rewrite of the episode. A fun twist while still incorporating all that was awesome about the episode. Plus, that kiss at school was just damn hot. Yum!

Kate :)
Two fics in one day.... gosh you are spoiling us... have any season three fics in the works yet?
Aw, this is so sweet, and absolutely delightful to read. I loved it when Veronica got to ogle the guys while they undressed; it was pretty funny when Weevil made her strip too. I really enjoyed Logan's dramatic entrance into school the next morning, but my favorite part was undoubtedly the private poker game between Veronica and Logan. So much fun. Great job.
TWO SNUFFY FICS IN ONE DAY!!!!! *spontaneously orgasms*
So misa_05 told me you had two fics today, so I had to come and look.

I haven't been reading too many AEFC remixes lately, but these was great.

The strip that Veronica had to do leading to some really nice LV sex has made me really happy.

Thanks for this!
I haven't even read this yet, but TWO SNUFFYBABY FICS IN ONE DAY!!1! I just exploded of squee! Not only that, but you wrote an AU of my favorite episode ever! I ♥ you!

*happily bounces off to actually read the fic*
*explodes of squee again* Oh, that was so much fun! I loved how Logan walked right up to Veronica at school and laid one on her, and how he didn't care what Duncan thought. And that was a fabulous sex scene and last line ♥
Snuffy....baby... J'ADORE! :D
That was awesomeness. I can't believe no one else went the strip poker route... but I'm certainly glad you did *grin* It was yummy! Aside from a few tense issues, this fic was fantabulous!
LoVe sex is always a plus and I love how you rewrote the eppy. That was hot !!
Squeee! This is sooooo good. ;) This is an interesting take on An Echolls Family Christmas. ;) This was like, my favorite-est episode on the first season. Of course, with exception to Weapons of Class Destruction. ;) Hee.
Your mood was..grateful..
You know what?
I AM grateful! Really!
I just LOVE that episode and the way you re-wrote it.
Aww.. Look at the banter/ust Logan and Veronica shared..just amazing! <3
naked!Logan..the BEST.THING.EVER

Thanks a lot!
memeing this

Yowser, that was awesome. You rewrote one of my fave episodes and you did it so well, dam if only it had really gone like that!

Very hot and i agree with the comment above...Naked Logan? Best.Thing.Ever.
Oh my! I..umm..yeah I loved that! Great job! I loved the kiss at the lockers :) Amazing!
Oh my...Merry Christmas to me!! 2 fics in one day! I am ecstatic!!!! Great job, this was one of my all time favorite eps and I love that you re-wrote it for L and V to get together!!!!
Oh my, I have soooooooooooo missed season 1 Logan, especially Logan from this ep. It's probably one of my fav eps, so I was curious to see what you would do to it. And you know what? I want you to rewrite ALL the other eps. :)

I loved Weevil's sheepishness--totally felt believable.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that he gave Lilly the Rosie Perez purse. Such a cute thing.
I also loved Veronica checking out the men stripping. Totally Veronica.

Happy New Year!
Hot, hot and hot! This was great, seriously great. I absolutely loved it. This is how the episode should have gone *sigh*
Ok so what do I love more than AEFC fic? An AEFC fic with smut, Veronica and Logan playing poker and then ending up together!! Seriously you included so many of my fiction favorites into one story it was amazing!

My favorite parts were:
“What did it say?”

She licked her lips nervously. “That I had to go. I had to get home before my dad woke up.” She ducked her head when she said, “And that I’d see you at school… have lunch with you… if you wanted.”

“Oh, I want.”

I could just picture this and it was so cute and *sigh*.

Lazily, he trailed kisses on her bare shoulder. “That was the best poker game ever.”

“So what, I was just your winnings?”

“Exactly,” he kissed her lips before wrapping his arms tightly around her, “and now you’re mine.”

This was amazing and such a great way to end the story. I'm pretty sure I melted at that last line.

I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next. I'm sure it will be awesome!

(Apparently I've lost the ability to punctuate without exclamation points, that's how great your writing is!)
OH yay! I loved this...

“So what, I was just your winnings?”

“Exactly,” he kissed her lips before wrapping his arms tightly around her, “and now you’re mine.”

That was so cute! I loved it!
hot damn. that was good stuffs. i loved the dialogue you added in to one of my favorite episodes, it fit right in with the scripted banter. i also loved the timing at the end, when you cut off the poker game to show them at school the next day. i thought i wasn't going get to know what happened and then yay steamy flashback.

i too love seeing veronica's marshmellowy side. :D
i'm totally late on this fic.

but i loved it. :) and now I really want to learn how to play poker. :)

*grins* that was such a cute turn too. great fic m'dear.
God. That was freakin' hot. Awesome, awesome, awesome. And I love how you showed what happened the morning after first and ended it with the private poker game. I love strip poker. Hahaha.