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His Friend Too......... continued

Title: His Friend Too
Author: Snuffybaby
Disclaimer: Rob Thomas owns the VM universe; I just chose to rewrite it.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: LoVe
Word Count: 28,576
Spoilers: All of season one
Summary: Pre-season 1; what if Veronica saw Logan sitting across the street from the car wash?
Author’s Note: Show dialogue was taken from episode transcripts found at www.twiztv.com... Transcribed by InigoMontoya.


By the end of the night, they decided to forget it every happened.

They went on as close friends, constantly teasing each other, sharing each other’s dark secrets, depending on each other for comfort.

He was there for her when her dad divorced her mom. She’d been a little sad that her parents couldn’t work out their differences, but she understood that her dad just couldn’t deal with her mom anymore. All Lianne’s lying, cheating and drinking had finally gotten to Keith.

She was there for him when his dad went on trial and the paparazzi started following him. She offered him a safe haven, so that he could come to her room when he wanted to avoid all the media drama. They made fun of Aaron, mocking his rather thin plea of temporary insanity. She held his hand when they found out that Aaron was going to be executed.

He was there for her when Duncan started dating Meg. She wasn’t jealous of Meg. She was jealous that Duncan had been able to find someone new, that he was happy.

She was there for him when his sister sauntered home and began to put his mother down. Trina and Logan were never able to hold a truce in the house. Veronica had acted as a buffer between the two for a little bit and managed to keep them from causing bodily harm.

Their relationship had been one of strictly friendship and they liked it like that. It wasn’t until junior year when things began to change.


Veronica arrived at school to find a crowd of people gathered around the flag pole. Curious, she pushed her way through the crowd and saw what everyone was laughing about.

The new kid was naked, taped to the flag pole with ‘snitch’ spelled incorrectly across his chest.

Disgusted by the fact that everyone was just pointing, laughing and taking pictures, she pushed one idiot photographer out of the way and pulled out her pocket knife.

When the populace saw what she was doing, they all dispersed.

Cutting him down, she didn’t ask questions. Simply gave him a small smile and welcomed him to Neptune High.

“Thanks,” he said gratefully and then disappeared.

Veronica was met by Logan on her way into school.

“Busy morning,” he commented. He had been watching since she started cutting the kid off the pole.

“Not so busy,” she smiled, taking his arm. “So, how was you trip to Cancun? Did you miss me? Did you get me anything?”

“Now why would I get you something?”

Her grip tightened painfully on his arm, her nails digging in.

“Ow, ow, let go,” he tried to pry her hand off. Finally reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a set of nice earrings.

She instantly released his arm and grabbed them. “Ooh, pretty.”

Rubbing his arm, Logan said sarcastically, “They cost me an arm.”

She grinned, “Not an arm and a leg?”

He glared at her.

“Thank you,” she smiled prettily.

“So how have you been?” Logan asked. “Were you languishing away while I was gone?”

“You were gone for three weeks.”

“And I see you went insane and cut all your hair off.”

“I needed a change.” She touched her shoulder length hair, that flared out at the ends.

“So you decided to take a weed whacker to it?”

She punched his arm.

“Kidding. It’s cute. Like the bangs.”

“You’re such a girl, Logan,” she teased and then skipped off. She called down the hall, “See you at lunch.”


Veronica frowned when she saw Logan walking toward her with Caitlin in tow. He waved at her, but followed Caitlin as she dragged him to another table. Veronica was frowning so hard over that particular scene that she didn’t notice when someone sat down at the table beside her. She blinked and then smiled, “Hey, new kid.”

He smiled back, “It’s Wallace.”

“I’m Veronica,” she introduced herself and then teased, “I see you’re fully clothed.”

He blushed a little. “Yeah, thanks for cutting me down.”

“No problem.”

At this point, Weevil and his biker club joined them. “My bitch. Weren’t you supposed to wait for me at the flagpole? I’m not sure I could have made that any clearer.”

Wallace tensed.

Veronica looked up and watched curiously as Weevil sat down extremely close to Wallace. The bikers crowded around. Her head tilted to the side as she watched them threaten Wallace. She sighed and finally spoke up. “Leave him alone.”

Weevil gave her a look, “Sister, the only time I care what a woman has to say is when she’s riding my big old hog, but even then it’s not so much words just a bunch of oohs and aahs, you know?”

“So, it’s big, huh?” she mocked.


“Well let’s see it. I mean if it’s as big as you say, I’ll be your girlfriend.” She added breathily, “We could go to prom together.”

He was surprised that she wasn’t intimidated. Narrowing his eyes, he thought for a moment how to react. “Who the hell are you?”

“I don’t know, Eli,” she smirked. “Who the hell am I?”

Clemmons suddenly appeared, “Move along, gentlemen.” He eyed the gang wearily, “Miss. Mars, I don’t think your father would appreciate you associating with Mr. Navarro and his gang.”

She smiled up at the Vice Principal, “I’m just making new friends, Mr. Clemmons.” Veronica caught Weevil’s expression when he heard who she was. She said cheerfully to Clemmons, “We were just having a nice conversation about Eli’s… motorcycle.”

“Very well,” sighed Clemmons. “Carry on.” He continued on his patrol, giving the gang one last warning look.

Weevil said stiffly, “So you’re Veronica Mars.”

She said innocently, “You mean you didn’t know?”

He gestured to the bikers to disperse. He studied her, “So what will it take to keep this little… conversation between us?”

She leaned over and said seriously, “Here’s the deal. Leave the kid alone for a week and I’ll make sure your boys walk.”

“Why you care so much for this skinny negro anyway?”

“He’s my good deed for today.”

“Alright, one week. After that… well, you know.” He stood, clamping a hand over Wallace’s shoulder. “Be seeing you.”

Wallace watched as the gang leader left. He turned back to Veronica. “Who are you?”

She smiled, “Veronica Mars.”

“Yeah, I got that, but who are you? You scared Weevil away. I didn’t think that was possible.”

“I have close ties with the Sheriff’s department,” she smiled.

“You friends with a deputy or something?”

“Or something. My dad’s the sheriff.”

“If your dad’s the sheriff then how are you planning on getting Weevil’s boys off. How’d you even know about his bikers?”

“I spend a lot of time at the department. You know, waiting for my dad to get off work. I hear things.”

“So, how are you going to keep me from being a dead man walking?”


Logan met up at her locker after classes. “Ronnie.”

“Logie,” she returned.

He wrinkled his nose in disgust at the name. “Did I see Weevil at your lunch table today?”

“He was visiting,” she answered. Changing the subject, she asked, “So you and Caitlin Ford, huh?”

“Yeah,” he had the courtesy to look sheepish. “We ran into each other in Cancun. We started dating.”

She smiled, “Good for you.”

“So, Weevil?” Logan really wanted to know if the Latino thug had been bothering her.

“It was nothing. He was just trying to threaten Wallace.”


“The new kid that was taped to the flag pole this morning.”

“Ah. Did he threaten you?”

“Wallace?” she frowned, “I don’t see why he would.”

“I meant Weevil.”

“No. We had a very civilized conversation.”

“Let me know if he bothers you again.”

“Relax, Logan. Weevil’s more afraid of me than I am of him. Remember? My dad’s the sheriff.”

“Right.” But Logan couldn’t let go of his need to protect to her. He’d make sure to sit with her at lunch from now on. He sighed, “The one day I don’t sit with you and you end up in trouble.”


“Dad, do you think you could help me out?” Veronica asked.

Keith smiled. His intelligent, independent daughter never asked for his help. “What do you need?”

“Those two guys you arrested at the Sac’n’Pac? Can you tell me what’s going to happen to them?”

His eyes narrowed. “They’re not friends of yours, are they?”

“No. I’m just trying to help the new kid out,” she said.

“New kid?”

“Wallace? The kid that pressed the silent alarm.”

“This Wallace told you all that?” Keith eyed his daughter, wondering if she had been eavesdropping again.

“Of course. We’re best friends now. He tells me everything.”

“Well, Hector Cortez and Phuong Win are in a holding cell right now. I haven’t decided yet how to handle their case.” Keith answered honestly. “I know the PCH won’t take kindly if two of their members end up in jail.”

“They’re both eighteen?”


She pouted.

“Stay here, Veronica. I’ve got a call to take.” Keith headed back to his office, leaving Veronica alone in the main room of the Sheriff’s department.

She eyed the evidence locker. She smiled when she noticed that it had been left unlocked. Well, if her father didn’t mind losing evidence, she didn’t mind taking it.

Keith came back out and found Veronica sitting precisely where she had been when he left. The quick glance he gave to the door of the evidence locker showed that it had been closed properly. He smiled inwardly. He always knew his daughter was a smart cookie.

Veronica asked, “So what are you going to do with Hector and Phuong?”

“They were disturbing the peace. Assign them to community service. Two hundred hours each.”


Veronica smiled when she say Wallace at school. “I got a present for you.” She pulled out a tape.

Wallace grinned. “I owe you big time.” He kissed the tape and let out a whoop.

They were interrupted when Weevil and his crew approached them.

“So that tape just went poof?” Weevil asked Veronica. “Or did your pops go loco and forgot he had it?”

“He thought community service was a good lesson for disturbing the peace. They did after all cause Neptune’s sheriff a trip to the Sac’n’Pac.” She looked at him blandly, “Now apologize.”

“For the loco crack? You know I wouldn’t-”

“Not to me. To him,” she pointed at Wallace.

“Right,” Weevil nodded then smirked, “No.”

“Fine. He has the only copy of the Sac’n’Pac video. New evidence would throw Hector and Phuong in jail for a year or two.” Veronica looped her arm through Wallace’s. “Come on, let’s go practice our anonymous tip voices.”

Weevil relented, “Okay. Wait, wait, wait, look, look. I’m sorry man, umm, for, you know, taping you to the flagpole, I’m sorry.”

Wallace nodded, “All right.”

“Can I please have the tape back now?”

He pretended to think about it. “Nope.”

Veronica laughed as she and Wallace walked down the hall.


“Come on, Logan,” Caitlin said, “let’s sit over there.”

“I’m gonna sit with Veronica today.” Logan nodded toward Luke and the others.

“Fine.” Caitlin released his arm and flounced over to the 09er table.

Logan shook his head and joined Veronica, one table over.

“What’s up with Caitlin?” Veronica asked.

“Who knows?”

“Shouldn’t you care? She is your girlfriend,” she teased.

Logan shrugged. He looked up when someone joined them. “Wallace, right?”



“Nice to meet you.” Wallace sat down.

Logan could see that look on Veronica’s face. She wanted something. “What?”



She nodded, “Don’t forget the egg rolls.”

“Do I want to lose the feeling in my arm for a week?” he asked incredulously. “Of course I won’t forget the egg rolls.”

“Chinese?” she asked Wallace.

He stared at her blankly.

“Do you want Chinese for lunch tomorrow?” she clarified.

“Uh, sure.”

“Great. Get some for Wallace too,” she said to Logan.

“Why don’t I just order enough for the entire school?” he said sarcastically.

“If you want,” she shrugged.

“What is that your eating anyway?” he studied her lunch.

“Cafeteria mystery meat,” she grimaced.

“Here.” He handed her his lunch.

Veronica looked at Wallace as she sifted through Logan’s lunch. “What do you have?”

“Sandwich, apple, milk.”

“What a balanced diet?” Logan said with false awe.

“Ignore him,” she said. “He doesn’t play well with others.”

“So true,” he smirked.

Wallace grinned at their antics. “What’s in the bag?”

“Let’s see,” Veronica pulled out one item at a time. “Orangina, mine. Apple, Logan’s. Pudding, mine. Chicken Caesar salad wrap, half for each. Bleh, Logan can have the cut vegetables.”

He grabbed them from her. “You know, it wouldn’t hurt you to eat a vegetable now and again.”

“There’s salad with my chicken,” she pointed out.

He rolled his eyes.

“You can have the cookies too.”

Wallace raised an eyebrow, surprised that she gave up the cookies.

She whispered to him conspiratorially, “Oatmeal.”


Veronica saw Wallace playing with a remote control airplane while she was walking Backup. She sidled up to him, “Can I try?”

“Girl, you sure know how to scare a guy.”

“It’s a talent.”

Wallace eyed the pit bull who was making a low rumbling sound. “Is he safe?”

“Backup? He won’t hurt a fly. You, on the other hand, need to be careful. He’ll get used to you after a while.”

Wallace shook his head at her in amusement and then showed her how to use the controls. They watched the plane fly, while Backup ran around them in circles, never straying too far from Veronica.

Wallace looked up. “Uh, Veronica?”

“What?” she asked absently, too busy watching the plane fly.

“Your car.”

“What?” She looked up and saw Duncan sitting on the hood of her car. Passing the remote over to Wallace, she head over. “Duncan? What’s up?”

“Just thought I’d see how you were doing? I haven’t seen you in awhile.”

She pouted playfully, “Too busy with your girlfriend to notice?” She sighed dramatically, “You don’t even sit with us at lunch anymore. I’ve been abandoned by both of my boys.”

Duncan laughed. “We sit at the table next to yours.”

“It’s just not the same,” she grinned, as she slid up her hood to sit beside him. Becoming serious, she asked again, “So, what’s up?”

“My parents went through Lilly’s room this weekend. They thought it was time to pack her things away.” Duncan looked down at his hands. “I saved a bunch of stuff that I thought you might want to have.” He gestured to the box that he had placed in the back seat of her car.

“Thanks.” Veronica studied him, “You know, I would have helped you go through her stuff. You didn’t have to do it alone.”

He shrugged, “It helped. Lilly hated when I was in her room. It was liberating.” He grinned, “I can see Lilly yelling down at me.”

She laughed. “‘Donut, what the hell were you thinking, pawing through my stuff? Why would you let Celeste box me away?’”

“Exactly like that.”

“You know, I don’t think Lilly would mind. She always said that she lived her life like everyday was her last. I think she did.”

Duncan offered her a small smile of thanks. Sliding off her car, he waved, “See you later.”

“Later, DK.”


Wallace caught up to her before class. “Another big Friday night. You got plans?”

She smiled, “Maybe.”

“Would they happen to include this?” He pulled out a pink flyer. “I found it on the floor in gym.”

“You want to crash an 09er party?” she smirked.

“Maybe. I don’t know what an 09er is.”

“It’s someone who lives in the prestigious 90909 zip code.”

“Like yours truly,” Logan arrived, wrapping an arm around Veronica’s shoulders.

She rolled her eyes.

Shrugging, Wallace pointed to the flyer, “Look. You can’t even tell who’s putting it on. You don’t know when it starts, where it is or nothing.”

“That’s cuz it’s all in code,” Veronica explained. “The moon tells you it starts when it’s dark.”

“The hourglass indicates sand, which means it’s the beach,” Logan pointed.

“The Ks and the 9s tell you it’s more specifically Dog Beach.”

Wallace frowned, “And the little eggs?”

“Fry-day,” Logan smirked.

“It’s in code so that undesirables don’t show up,” Veronica added.

“How do you know all this?” Wallace looked at the pair.

“Because she’s one of them,” Logan said in mock disgust.

She shoved him a little and said to Wallace. “Logan’s hosting tonight’s soiree. You should come.”

Wallace nodded, “Cool.”


Logan was seated on the hood of his car with Caitlin standing between his legs, leaning against him. He smiled when he saw Duncan approaching. “Yo, D!” They slapped hands in greeting. “Who’s your date?” he nodded toward the boy standing with Duncan.

“It’s Troy Vandegraff,” Caitlin interrupted Duncan before he could respond. “His father’s the architect who built the County Museum.”

“Well, aren’t you the social columnist?” he nuzzle her neck.

Duncan introduced them. “Troy, this is Logan.”

The boys shake hands.

Duncan spoke to Logan as Troy and Caitlin chatted. “Has Veronica shown?”

“Yeah, she and Wallace are around here somewhere. I think she managed to drag Meg down too,” Logan nodded in the direction of all the dancers.

Duncan glanced around and spotted his girlfriend.

Logan smirked, shaking his head. “Catch you later, Kane.” He looked up when he saw the intruders. Moving Caitlin to the side, he slid off the hood of his car to face off with Weevil and the PCH Bike Club. “It’s a private party, man.”

Weevil smirked as he took a sip from the cup he’d stolen. “Oh, is it? I’m sorry. I must have been confused. Hey, let me ask you something. Have I ever asked you if I could come play through at Torrey Pines? Have you ever run into me surfing down at Cape Crescent? Bro? Huh? Have you ever even once come home to find us throwing a kegger in your backyard? No? Then what the hell do you think you are doing on our beach?”

“Am I supposed to apologized?” Logan mocked. “Am I supposed to shake in my boots?”

“No,” a small voice said, “he is.” Veronica pushed her way through the crowd.

Weevil grinned, “Veronica Mars.”

“Eli,” she smiled.

He frowned when she called him that. He didn’t know why she insisted on calling him by his real name. “What are you doing with these rich, white boys?”

“Enjoying the music, the night air,” she responded happily.

“Then you should have told them to stay off my beach.”

“Your beach?” she asked softly, stepping up so that she was only a foot away from him. She added softly so that no one else could hear, “You mean this beach that we got a permit for lighting open fires and serving food and beverage on? You aren’t going to win, Eli. So either leave… or grab some cups and tell you boys to behave themselves.”

A wry smile crossed Weevil’s face. “My invitation must have been lost in the mail.”

“I’m asking you now.”

Nodding, Eli grinned, “You’re alright, V. I’ll give you that.”

She smiled happily, “I know.” She started backing away to join her friends again, “Covers ten bucks.”

Shaking his head, Weevil called, “You get lonely out here remember, Weevil love you long time.”

She gave him a mock thumbs up and watched as he and his gang left. She turned back to her friends, “Come on, people. Let’s party!”

The music went back on and people continued their conversations.

Logan grabbed Veronica’s arm. “What was that about?”

She laughed, “Nothing. There’s just a certain way you need to handle Weevil.”

“It looked like more than that,” he frowned.

“Relax, Logan. It was nothing. I just told him about the permit I made you get. Weevil does understand when you speak to him civilly.”

“But it’s so much more fun when I’m not.” He managed to avoid her slap in the arm. “Missed me,” he grinned. His grin turned to laughter when Veronica began chasing him down the beach.

They were a few yards from the water, when she launched herself at him and knocked him over. His arms went around her, spinning them, so that he hit the ground first. They were laughing the entire time.

Veronica slapped his chest. “Be nicer to Weevil. You wouldn’t want Mrs. Navarro to quit, now would you?”

He sighed and dropped his head. “Fine, in the interest of keeping my housekeeper, I’ll try to be nicer to him.”


Veronica looked up when she saw Mrs. Navarro escorted into the Sheriff’s department. She looked at her dad, “What’s going on?”

“We brought Mrs. Navarro in for questioning,” he explained.

“Is Eli in trouble?”

“Not exactly. Mrs. Echolls received a bill for a credit card that she doesn’t own. Mrs. Navarro was brought in because the items being charged to the credit card were being sent to a P.O. Box in her name.”

“She would never steal from the Echollses,” Veronica said vehemently. She’d known Mrs. Navarro almost as long as she’d known Logan. She’d been going over to his place for years.

“I don’t think she did it either, that’s why I brought her in for questioning. I didn’t arrest her… not yet.”

“I can help,” she offered.

He gave her a look.

“I can. Most of the purchases were made during the day, right? I can cross reference with Weevil’s and Chardo’s class schedules.”

Keith placed his hand on her head, shaking it gently. “How many times have I told you to stop eavesdropping?”


He sighed. Reaching into his files, he pulled a copy of the credit card bill. “You didn’t get this from me.”

She kissed his cheek, “Thanks, dad.”


Veronica was surprised when she found Wallace in the office. She asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Oh hey. I signed up for diving but there were only like four people in the class so they cancelled it, stuck me in here. So don’t you mess with me, all right? I’m an Office Aide.” He tugged proudly on his name tag.

She let out a little laugh and then brightened. “That’s great.”

“Yeah, for who?”

She batted her lashed and whispered to him conspiratorially, “Do you think you could copy all of Weevil’s attendance records from this past month and get them to me? I’ll be your best friend.”

Wallace frowned, “Do I look like James Bond to you?”

“Am I asking you to retrieve a nuclear warhead? No. Just copy the attendance records. It’s cake,” she smiled, “facile.”

He grinned and nodded, “Yeah, alright.”

“You’re a prince.” She waved and left.


“Can I help you with something?” Ms. Dent looked at the new student that entered her classroom.

Veronica smiled, handing her a sheet of paper, “The counselor stuck me in here. She says I should use my powers for good.”

Logan came up and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Ronnie, did you miss me so much that you decided to have your schedule changed to stalk me?”

“Not likely. Miss. James decided that I should take a class instead of study hall.” She ducked out from under his arm. She turned her attention back to Ms. Dent. “This is newspaper class, so I was hoping that maybe I could just take pictures.”

“Well I’m not sure if you could just do that but we can start you there. Do you have any experience with a camera?” Ms. Dent said graciously.

They were interrupted by Caitlin.

“I’m gonna go down to the gym to talk to people for the student poll,” the blond informed.

Ms. Dent checked her watch. “Be back by the end of the period. And remember that we are a multicultural school with a diverse population of students from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.”


“Meaning don’t just interview your friends.”

Veronica rolled her eyes at Logan. He shrugged.

“So Veronica, do you have any experience with a camera?” Ms. Dent unlocked one of the supply cabinets.

“Yeah. Some.”

Logan snorted.

Ms. Dent pulled a camera out of the cupboard. “This is a 35mm camera. Now my suggestion when you’re starting out is just to set it on auto and that way you-”

Veronica interrupted, pulling her own camera out of her bag. “I’d really be more comfortable if I could just use my own camera.” She demonstrated her highly sophisticated, professional lens-ed digital camera. “Um, the swivel LCD really comes in handy when you’re doing overhead shooting or ground level macro-shooting.”

Ms. Dent looked baffled, “Right.”

“The optical zoom actually goes up to 71.2mm and it’s good to have the raw file option because you can mess with the images post-exposure without nearly the loss of image quality you’d get with a JPEG file,” Veronica continued.

Logan made hand gestures behind Veronica, flapping his hands to indicate that she would blather on and on if she was allowed to.

Ms. Dent smiled, realizing that she had underestimated the petite blond, “And when it’s dark outside, you should use a flash.”

Veronica laughed.

“I have your first assignment,” Ms. Dent announced, “are you free after school tomorrow?” At Veronica’s nod to the affirmative, she explained, “We’re doing a feature on Bodie Chang, you know him?”

“Surfer. Up until 20 minutes ago, I was in study hall with him.”

“That’s the guy. So he’s winning all these competitions. He’s got another one up at Gold Coast. Let me introduce you to the guy who’s doing the story.” She led Veronica to the back of the classroom. “Duncan Kane, this is Veronica.”

He looked up and smiled at her.

Ms. Dent continued, oblivious to the fact that the two knew each other. “Veronica’s going to be taking pictures tomorrow and I arranged for you to ride with Bodie’s parents.”

“No, I’ll drive,” Duncan offered.

“Great, maybe Veronica can join you.”

Logan smirked, “Don’t worry, we’ll take great care of her.”

Ms. Dent smiled at how cooperative the boys were being. “Well, I’ll leave you to it.”

Logan pulled up two chairs so that he and Veronica could sit. “So you finally decided to take newspaper class.”

“I didn’t have much choice. Miss. James wanted me to help out with the school paper. Take pictures and stuff.” She straddled the chair, propping her elbows on the back.

“It’s because you have so much talent,” he said mockingly enthusiastic.

She punched his arm.

Duncan nodded his head towards the door. “Wallace is waving to you.”

They watched as she went to join him, accepting a file from him.

“What was that about?” Logan asked curiously as she shoved the file into her bag.

“Business,” she smiled secretively.


Veronica leaned against the door to her father’s office. “I don’t think Weevil did it.” She explained that most of the purchases on the stolen credit card were made when Weevil was in auto shop. It was highly unlikely that he was able to sneak out seven out of eight times to make online purchases with no one knowing.

Keith looked at Veronica in concern. “Ninety percent of all identity theft is committed by relatives of the victim.”

“You think Logan might have done it?” she asked incredulously. “I don’t think so. He has five credit cards of his own, including a no limit platinum. He has no reason to take it.”

“So who did?”


“Hey, Logan,” Veronica asked cheerfully. “Do you think you could convince Mrs. Navarro to make some chocolate chip cookies? I’m having mad cravings.”

Logan snorted, “She’s likes you better than me. Ask her yourself.”

Caitlin scowled, “She is totally rude to me every time I’m over there. You should fire her.”

“Fire Mrs. Navarro?” Veronica said scandalously. “Never.” She smirked evilly and then left the couple alone, heading back to her own table.

Logan looked at her curiously.


Logan was headed to his car when he saw Veronica. He looked over to see what she was looking at. “Flat?”

She crossed her arms and looked at it suspiciously.

“You need help fixing it?”

“Someone released the air in my tires.”

“What? Why?” He knelt down beside the tire. He found the cap for the valve loose.

Sighing, she popped her trunk, tossed her sunglasses, coat and bag in and grabbed the tire iron.

“Do you have a jack?”


“I’ve got one in my car. Stay here.” Logan jogged away to grab the car jack from his trunk.

Troy Vandegraff walked by. He stopped to ask, “Flat?”

“Just as god made me,” she smirked in reply.

“Are you always this persnickety?”

“Sometimes I’m even persnickety-er.”

“Let me help you.” He took the tire iron from her.

“It’s really okay,” she said. “Someone’s already helping me.”

“You’re invisible friend?”

“Hey, Troy,” Logan greeted, setting the jack down by the car. “How’s it going?”

“Logan,” Troy nodded his head.

“Let’s get this rust bucket moving. Ronnie’s got somewhere to be.”

She pouted at him. “It’s not a rust bucket.”

“So says you.”

Troy gave Veronica his hand, “I’m Troy, by the way.”

She shook his hand quickly, “Veronica.”

“I know,” he smiled knowingly.

Logan rolled his eyes and nudged Troy to help him set up the jack. They had the LeBaron up and the nuts off in no time.

Caitlin drove up on her pink scooter. “Hey.”

Logan stood and joined her. “Nice ride.”

They kiss quickly in greeting.

“Hey, how ya doing?” Logan smiled.


He admired her bike. “You got two miles on there.”

“I know. It’s new.”

“It’s cool. Been round school all day?”

Caitlin noticed Troy with Veronica and asked curiously, “What’s Troy doing with Veronica?”

“What do you care?” Logan frowned.

“I don’t, I just… do you think he likes her?”

His frown deepened.

“Hey, Veronica,” Duncan joined them. “Are you ready to go?”

“Almost.” She gestured to the tire. “Troy and Logan are just changing my tire.”


She nodded. “It should only be a few more minutes.”

He checked his watch, then looked back at Logan and Caitlin talking, then at Troy working alone on the tire. “I’ll help. It looks like Logan’s preoccupied anyway.”


Troy was having trouble getting the tire off.

Duncan said, “Let me give it a try.” Once Troy was out of the way, he gave it a steady tug and the wheel slid off. “Hand me the spare?” He set the tire he had down on the ground and waited for the spare.

“Duncan,” Logan interrupted. “You and V are gonna be late. Troy and I can stay and finish with this. I’ll catch up with you guys there.”

Duncan put the spare in place before standing and brushing his hands off. He clapped hands with Logan. “Thanks, man.”

Veronica smiled, grabbed her things and gave Logan a quick hug before following after Duncan. “Thanks, guys,” she called.

Logan waved them off and then turned his attention back to Troy. “Let’s finish this.”


Veronica and Duncan talked about everything as they headed toward Gold Coast to watch Bodie surf. They were halfway there, when Duncan steered the conversation towards Logan and Caitlin.

“So, does it bother you that Logan is dating Caitlin?” Duncan asked.

She shrugged. “Not really. He could do so much better though.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Like who?”

“Someone who doesn’t cheat on him.”


“I’ll tell you when Logan joins us. He should know first.”


They finished their assignment for the paper and were strolling on the beach.

“So?” Duncan urged Veronica, “What makes you think that Caitlin is cheating on Logan?”

“What?” Logan said in disbelief.

She looked up at Logan nervously. “Dad’s working on a case for your mom – credit card fraud. Mrs. Navarro was the lead suspect because all the purchases were sent to a P.O. Box in her name.”

“Mrs. Navarro has worked with us for years. There’s no way she would steal from us.”

“I know. That’s why they suspect that it was Weevil.” She continued before Logan could get angry, “but it wasn’t him. He was in class during most of the purchases.”

“I don’t understand how this leads to Caitlin being a cheater,” Logan said petulantly.

“One of the charges was for a suite at the Neptune Grand. Dad had a warrant to confiscate any surveillance tapes and the bills charged to the room. The hotel staff remembered that a couple checked in to the suite. Caitlin signed for room service.”

“Who is it?” Logan demanded.

“I don’t know. Not yet,” she said softly.

Duncan sighed, “You must suspect somebody?”

“I could be wrong,” she shook her head, “I don’t want to say.”

Logan dropped his head in disbelief. He kicked the ground in anger and then stormed off.

“Logan!” she called after him, but he didn’t stop. She turned to Duncan, “Do you think he’s mad at me?”

Duncan wrapped an arm around her shoulders in reassurance. “Don’t worry about Logan. He could never be mad at you.”


Veronica looked up at her window and sighed in relief when it was Logan. She quickly opened it and let him in.

He was starring at the floor. “Do you think I can stay here tonight?”

She nodded. Moving to one side of her bed, she pulled the covers up so that Logan could lie down beside her.

He toed off his shoes and laid down. He stared at the ceiling. “I’m not mad at you,” he finally announced. “It’s not your fault that my girlfriends always cheat on me.”

“Not everyone is a cheater,” she replied softly.

“I know. I just have a talent for picking them.”

“Not true.”

He didn’t respond.

She nudged him. “Do you know what would make you feel better?”

“Ice cream?”

“Well, yeah, but if we find out who did it, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing him in jail… or I could sell him out to Weevil for you.”

Logan smirked, “Really? You’d do that for me?”

“I’d do anything for a friend,” she said honestly.

He knew those words were true. “I’ll think about it.”

“It’s better than getting your own hands dirty.”


Duncan and Logan watched Caitlin speaking to Troy.

“Hey, this kid Troy, how long have you known him?” Logan asked Duncan.

“A few years. His family has the slip next to ours down at the marina. They usually come in August. Stay the month. They move around a lot, you know, wherever his dad has a project.” Duncan studied Logan, “You think it was him?”

“No. I just don’t like the way he looks at Veronica.”

Duncan let out a snort.


“Nothing man.” He stood, “I’m going to get a burrito. Want something?”


“You are in charge of your girlfriend’s purse.” Duncan handed the clutch over to Logan.

“Thanks.” Logan watched Duncan walk off and then decided to look through Caitlin’s purse. Finding her cell phone, he goes through the call record.

“Whatcha doing?” Veronica sat down beside him.

“Spying on my cheating girlfriend.” He scrolled down the list.

“Really? Anything interesting?”

He didn’t respond because Veronica’s cell rang.

She picked it up, “Hey, dad.”

Logan frowned. “Who’s she calling at one in the morning?” He pressed the call button.

A deep voice answers. “Ah, hey baby. Calling me during the school day, that’s daring.”

Holding the phone to his ear, he stands up and starts scanning the quad.

“Baby? Hello? Baby? Ah, you want to play the silent game.” He laughs, “All right, baby, later we’ll play a tickle game if you want. That’s cool baby, I’ll just talk. I know you like it. I miss you mama. I can’t wait to see you.”

Logan finally spots the owner of the voice. He hangs up and starts laughing, humorlessly. He drops the phone back into Caitlin’s bag and sits down.


“I know who the thief is.”

“I know,” she said softly. “It’s Chardo. Weevil’s cousin.”


Weevil opened his door and studied his visitor curiously. “What are you doing here, white girl? The Sheriff already talked to us about those credit cards.”

“Thought you might like to know who set your grandmother up to take the fall,” she replied.

Closing the door behind, he made sure no one was around to hear. He stepped closer. “Who was it?”

“The judge issued a warrant for Chardo’s arrest. They’re out looking for him.”

“My cousin set our grandma up?” Weevil said in disbelief.

“I don’t think it was on purpose,” Veronica gave that little reassurance. “He just wanted to take his girlfriend out in style.”


“Caitlin Ford?”

“That rich, white bitch that hangs off your boy?”

“That’s the one.”

Weevil shook his head in disbelief, then hugged her. “Thanks for getting my grandma off the hook.”

“I like your grandmother,” she smiled. “She makes the best cookies.”

He smirked, but it quickly turned to a more serious frown. “I guess I have a boy to get in line.”

“Logan and the 09ers are after Chardo too. You should find him before they do.”

“We’ll find him.”


Logan and the 09ers had Chardo surrounded outside of Caitlin’s house. He smiled gravely, “Well, if it isn’t the bad apple thinking he can steal my girl.”

“I already stole your girlfriend. You’re just too dumb to know it,” Chardo retorted.

Logan slammed his fist into his face. He watched impassively as the Latino went down. Stepping forward, he placed his foots on Chardo’s chest. He stood in wait for the inevitable sound of motorcycles that always seemed to interrupt his fun.

“Check it out man,” one of the 09ers warned Logan.

Stepping off of Chardo, Logan ordered Dick, “Hold him.” He headed over to join Weevil.

“Well, I guess this is what they call inevitable, huh?” Logan laughed.

Weevil set his helmet on his bike. “Let’s talk.”

They two leaders went off to confer alone.

“V told me what he did,” Weevil informed. “I’m not here to stop you, but I would prefer to deal with my cousin alone.”

“He’s all yours, man.” Logan said grimly, “I already got my shot in.”

Weevil was surprised by how easily the white boy had acquiesced. “Is there something I should know?”

Logan scoffed, “Just remember that Veronica? She’s mine. Keep you grimy paws off her.”

Weevil sneered, “V can take care of herself. I don’t think you’ve got much say in who’s got their hands on her.”

His eyes narrowed, “You don’t think I knew about you and Lilly?”

The biker was surprised again.

“Stay away from Veronica.” Logan turned away and gestured for the 09ers to go. “We’re done here.”

Weevil watched as the white boys drove off. He turned his attention to Chardo and saw his cousin pining away for the spoiled, white girl that stood at the window.


The Sheriff’s department had no leads on Chardo Navarro. He would be put at the bottom of their wanted list.

Veronica and Wallace sat with Logan and Duncan at lunch that day. They watched as all the 09ers ignored and omitted Caitlin from the group. They slid into empty seats just as she was about to sit. Backs turned on her, when she was about to speak. She was displaced from her status as an 09er. Standing in the middle of her ‘friends,’ she scoffed and walked off to eat lunch alone.

“Hate to be her,” Wallace commented.

“That’s what happens when you betray the prince,” Veronica said solemnly.

“Logan, a prince?”

“Of course not,” Logan scoffed, then smirked, “I’m a king.”

Veronica rolled her eyes. “Everyone bows down to the power of Hollywood. They would do anything to meet his dad.”

“Echolls?” Wallace frowned, then said, “Aaron Echolls is your dad?”

“The one and only,” Logan said derisively. “He’s shorter in real life.”

Troy sat down with them.

Duncan nodded to him. “Cool party Saturday.”

“Thanks,” he turned to Veronica. “It would have been cooler if you’d shown.”

She shrugged, “I sent in a good replacement.”

Wallace frowned, “Because I can pass as a short, white girl?”

Troy smiled, “It’s alright. I guess I’ll catch you some other time.”

Veronica smiled at him. “I doubt you could catch me if you tried.”

“A challenge?” Troy grinned. “I like.”

Only Duncan noticed Logan glowering at the flirting pair.


They were sitting in newspaper class when the school television broadcast announced, “Kicking off the homecoming festivities, the dedication of the Lilly Kane Memorial Fountain.”

Veronica and Logan looked up in surprise. Duncan hadn’t told them anything about a dedication.

“The Kane family would like to invite all students and faculty to attend the tribute and celebrate the memory of one of Neptune High's most beloved students.”


Veronica joined Logan and Duncan at Duncan’s locker. “What’s all this?” she asked when she saw Duncan with a box of tapes.

“My mother thought it would be nice to have a video tribute of Lilly for the dedication ceremony.” Duncan looked at each tape as he piled them into the shoebox.

Logan frowned, “What, she wanted you to do it?”

“My dad did. He wanted someone who knew her.”

“Do you want me to do it, man?” Logan offered. “You know I'm awesome at this stuff,” and then he insisted, “Come on, let me do it. I wanna do it.”

Duncan studied his best friend and nodded. “Thanks, man.”

“I’ll help,” Veronica offered. “I can probably find some tapes at home.”

Duncan smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, man. Don’t worry about this. Ronnie and I can get this done.”


Logan snorted derisively at the tapes as he threw them on the table. “Ballet, choir recital, debutante crap, girl scouts… Memories both misty and water-colored.” He dropped his head on his crossed arms. “None of this is Lilly.”

Veronica smiled at the video that was playing on screen. “It’s Lilly as a long distance commercial.”

“Well, it isn't really about Lilly, is it.” He laughed, shaking his head, “God, this would piss her off.”

“You know what? Why don’t we go over to my place? I’m sure I can find some better stuff than this.”

“Lead the way.”


Logan and Veronica sat there smiling as they watched themselves on screen.

“Come on, Veronica, it's your turn. Do not lame out.” Lilly ordered.

Veronica raised her champagne glass high. “Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. I’ve never… gone skinny dipping.”

All their groans could be heard on screen.

Logan looked at Veronica. “Is that still true?”

She said dryly, “It’s not like there are many chances to swim naked.”

He shook his head in mock shame.

“Shut up!” She shoved his shoulder.

“…taken matters into my own hand in the boys' locker room after watching the cheerleader tryouts.” They heard Logan say on screen.

Veronica buried her face in her hands. “I still can’t believe that.”

Logan snorted with laughter. “Imagine my surprise when I walked in on him doing it.”

They continued to watch and were leaning against each other laughing when they saw Lilly imitate her mother having sex.

“I’m sure Celeste would appreciate it if we put this in the memorial video,” he grinned.

She giggled, “I’m not letting you put this in.”

“How are you going to stop me?” he laughed.

“Force of will. Strength of character. Tenacity. Karate chop.” She slashed her hands through the air.

His laughter continued. “Fine, I relent to the all powerful karate chop.” He sighed as the tape ended. “Are you going to homecoming?”

She shrugged. “Haven’t decided yet. Troy asked me.”

“Oh.” Logan looked at her, “What’s stopping you?”

Veronica gave a secretive smile. “Maybe I’m holding out for that special boy.”

Intrigued, he nudged her shoulder. “Tell me.”

“But if I go, I’d have to go get a dress,” she sighed.



“Would you go to homecoming with me?”

“Are you serious?”

“Would I ask if I weren’t?”

She raised her eyebrow.

“Right. Yeah, I’m serious.”

“Why? Is it because you don’t want me to go with Troy? I know you don’t like him.”

“I want you to go with me.”

She studied him and then nodded. “I’d love to go with you.”


Logan caught up to Duncan before school. “Hey, man, I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah, sure. What is it?”

“I don’t know how to tell you this, so I’m just going to say it. I asked Veronica to the dance with me… and she said ‘yes.’” He waited for Duncan explode.

Duncan snorted, “Took you long enough.”


“The two of you have been pining for each other for months. Everyone’s been waiting for the two of you to admit that you have feelings for each other.”

“So you’re not mad?”

“No, of course not. I’m happy with Meg.”

Logan looked at him incredulously. “Then why the hell did I wait so long?”

“Beats me.”


“I told dad that you were taking me to the dance,” Veronica warned Logan.

“I’ve talked to your dad before. You don’t have to worry.”

“It’s just dad’s a little intense. You never saw him around Duncan.”

“How bad could he possibly be?” Logan entered the Mars house that he’d been a frequent visitor of. “Mr. Mars.”

“Logan,” Keith greeted. He headed behind the kitchen counter as he began to prepare dinner.

“I’ll just be one second, Logan.” She ordered her dad, “Be nice.”

Keith smiled, “Me? I’m always nice.”

She gave him a suspicious look before running up the stairs.

Keith turned his attention to Logan. “So you’re going to the homecoming dance.”

“Yeah.” Logan sat down at a stool in front of him.

“And after the dance?”

Logan said seriously, “We’re going to the dance. No, limo party. Not after last time.”

Keith studied the boy in front of him. “Ok.” He turned his back to rinse some vegetables under the tap. “So you won't mind then that I cancelled your reservation at the Four Seasons?”

Logan shrugged, “I booked that room weeks ago before I knew who I was going to ask.”

He raised an eyebrow, “You weren’t planning on taking Veronica to a hotel room?”

“I wasn’t planning on asking Veronica.”

“Then why did you?”

“Because I realized that I couldn’t stand it if she went with someone else. I couldn’t stand not going with her,” he answered honestly.

Knowing he was telling the truth, Keith simply said, “Make sure she’s home by one.”


Logan and Veronica stood together at the Lilly Kane memorial service. They watched their video proudly as it started simple and sweet with Lilly’s childhood and then the beat picked up to reveal the real Lilly. Veronica snapped a few pictures of the ceremony and watched as Jake Kane broke into tears after seeing his daughter lively and exuberant in a way that he had never witnessed before. Celeste’s demeanor changed drastically at the sight of her daughter mooning strangers from the back of a limo. She was not pleased.

The couple responsible for the video smiled at each other and then dispersed with the rest of the crowd.

They had paid tribute to the real Lilly.


“Do you think we can make a stop?” she asked Logan as they were headed home after the dance.

“You still have energy to do something else?” He had watched her dance to every song, talk to everyone present and they had stayed until the last person attending homecoming had left.

“Please?” she asked, fluttering her lashes prettily.

He sighed, “Where?”

“The beach.”

He looked at her curiously after giving the driver new instructions.

Veronica hopped out of the limo as soon as it stopped on the boardwalk. Kicking off her shoes, she made her way quickly to the water’s edge. Stopping, she took a deep breath and let her strapless, red satin dress fall to her feet. She ran into the water.

Logan had followed her out of limo wondering what she was doing. He smiled in shock when he saw her slip her dress off. He muttered to himself, “Her dad is going to kill me,” as he toed off his own shoes and started taking off his clothes too. He ran into the water after her.

She shrieked in delight when he surfaced in front of her. “Logan!”

His arms went around her waist as they tread water together. “Never thought you were a skinny dipping kind of girl.”

Her arms went around his neck. “I thought tonight was an appropriate night to prove the world wrong.”

“Much to my benefit.”

“Never gone skinny dipping with a girl before?”

“Of course I have. Just never with this girl.” His arms tightened, pulling her closer to him.

She gasped, “Logan.”

He studied her intently, memorizing her face, before his lips descended on hers. Too focused on their kiss, they both stopped treading and began to sink. A minute later, they broke the surface of the water, laughing. He grinned at her, “I think it would be safer for both of us to move our little party closer to shore.”

“I agree.” She held on to him as he swam them back to shore. She pushed his head underwater, ordering, “Don’t look.” She got out and ran back to her dress, slipping it over her wet skin.

Logan had no qualms about his nudity, so he sauntered out of the water. He chuckled when Veronica quickly turned around. He jogged up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, “You can look all you want, you know? I don’t mind.”

She blushed bright red. “I’ll try to remember that.”

“Are you going to offer me the same courtesy?” he teased.

Being bold, she answered, “Eventually.”


Logan sat at the counter with Luke at the little restaurant just north of the Mexican border.

“I can’t believe you’re calling me a wuss.”

Logan hummed, “Mmm.”

“I’m serious. You’re the guy who can’t close the deal.”

“Dude, what are you talking about?” Logan said offended.

“I’m talking about that girl, that girl, Esmeralda?”

Logan rolled his eyes. “Are you kidding me? Veronica would castrate me.”

“How would she ever find out?”

“Trust me. Veronica is all knowing.”


“I happen to have a very loving girlfriend,” Logan smirked. “She had no qualms letting me come on this trip, because she trusts me.” He turned to Troy, “Did you wash your hands?”

He smiled and wiped them on Logan’s shirt.

“Thank you,” Logan smiled dryly.

“I got this boys. Let’s roll.” Troy announced after dropping several bills on the counter.

They stepped out into the parking lot.

Logan asked Troy, “All right, settle something for us, partner. Didn't Luke look kind of scared last night when that senorita started working her milkshakes on him?”

Luke retorted, “That's great. That's adorable. You're a good man, you're a good man. Thank you. I wasn't, uh, I wasn't scared, I was concerned.

“Oh yeah. You've never seen a girl pick up a shot glass like that before,” Logan laughed.

Troy stopped in front of an empty parking space. “Isn't this where we parked? Tell me that this isn't where we parked. Please, someone tell me that you can see my father's car and this heart attack that I'm having right now is for nothing.”

Logan looked around and said grimly, “Well, maybe it's like Brigadoon. If you come back in a hundred years, it'll be right back in this spot.”


Veronica pulled up in her LeBaron and asked playfully, “Dude, where’s your car?”

Logan laughed as he hopped to his feet, leaning over the side of the car to kiss her in greeting. “Thanks for coming.”

“You’re lucky my dad’s working tonight or you’d be stuck here until morning.”

Logan opened the car door and gestured the guys into the back. “Mush boys. Let’s get this show on the road.”

Veronica asked Logan, “Which one of you lost their car, anyway?”

“That would be me,” Troy sighed, dropping his head back against the seat.

“If you want, I could make some phone calls. See if I can find it.”

“I can’t report it stolen. My dad would kill me if he finds out that I took the car.”

“You’re already going to be sent to Catholic School,” Logan reminded, “won’t death seem more pleasant?”

“I don’t have to tell my dad,” Veronica pointed out. “Haven’t you heard? I have friends in low places.”


Veronica walked up beside Logan who was at his locker. “Why is Luke asking me to help him find his steroids?”

“Probably because he was stupid enough to leave them in the car that Troy lost,” Logan asked glibly.

She punched him hard in the arm. “I’m serious, Logan.”

“Sorry.” He rubbed his arm. “I knew that he was buying steroids for his trainer. I wasn’t going to stop him.”

She punched him again.

He grabbed her wrists. “Would you please stop?”

“You’re an idiot.” She stormed away.

“Veronica!” he yelled after her. When she didn’t turn around or acknowledge him at all, he swore and slammed his fist into his locker.


Veronica was already having a bad day, which became even worse when she got home to hear someone in her kitchen. She frowned. Her dad wasn’t supposed to get off work for another few hours. Grabbing the bat they kept by the door, she crept slowly towards the kitchen. She dropped it when she saw her guidance counselor playing with Backup.

“All right. Where is your sifter?” Rebecca James said to herself as she looked through their cupboards.

Veronica answered, “I don’t think we have one.”

Startled, Rebecca stood up, “Oh, hi! Um…” She pushed Backup off her as he jumped on her.

Veronica asked anxiously, “You didn’t give him human food, did you?”

“Oh, no, no, no. I just found his happy spot, that’s all.” She pushed the pit bull away and said, “So, um, a case of bad timing. Your dad went out for groceries 'cause I'm making dinner for both of you tonight.”

Veronica eyed her curiously. “I don’t understand. What are you doing here?”

“Oh, um… I thought… I thought your father explained this to you.” Rebecca said nervously, “Oh, gosh.”

“Explained what?”

“That we’re dating,” Keith stated as he arrived with a sack of groceries.

“You’re dating,” Veronica repeated carefully.

“I’m sorry you had to find out like this, honey.” Keith set the groceries on the counter. “Rebecca and I have gone out a few times. I didn’t want to make a big deal.”

She nodded, “It’s okay. I get it.” She gestured to her bag, “I’m just gonna go to my room. Get some studying done.”

Keith studied his daughter. “You sure?”

She bit her lip and then forced a smile. “Yeah, I’m sure.”

“I’ll call you when it’s time to eat.”

Veronica ran up to her room. Closing the door softly, she leaned against it. She wished – not for the first time – that she was one of those people that could see change coming. Pushing herself away from the door, she threw herself on her bed. It’s not like she expected her dad to remain single forever and she definitely didn’t expect her mom to come back into their lives, but she didn’t expected him to move on so fast.

She whispered to herself, “I guess ten months isn’t really that fast.”

Clutching her pillow, she urged herself to accept that her dad would start dating women – even her school counselor – and that she needed to be alright with that. She wanted her dad to be happy.

Turning over, she happened to glance out her window and almost screamed when she saw Logan standing there. Instead, she fell off her bed. Throwing the window open, she yelled at him, “Are you trying to scare me to death?”

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly.

Taking a deep breath, she calmed. “It’s alright. Come in.” She could see how agitated he was. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want you to hate me,” Logan said honestly.

“Where did you get that idea from?” she asked, surprised.

“Well, the fact that you punched me earlier and called me an idiot kind of clued me in,” he grumbled.

She could see how worried he was. “Oh, Logan, I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. We had a fight. I was mad, but I didn’t hate you.”

“A fight,” he repeated as if he was new to the concept.

“Yeah, couples have them all the time.”

He slumped down on the bed in relief.

Veronica stepped up to him, brushing his hair back. “You were that worried?”

“I guess… yeah.” He shook his head, “Every time Lilly and I had a fight, she broke up with me. She messed around for a few months and then we’d get back together again.”

“I’m not Lilly, Logan, remember?”

“You’re definitely not Lilly,” he remarked. “She would have bitched me out for being a pussy by now.”

She hugged him then. “You’re not a pussy. You care about me and you wanted to make sure that I still cared about you. That’s normal.”

His arms gripped her tight, afraid that if he let go even the slightest bit that she would leave him. “I’m beginning to realize that.” He rested his head between her breasts. “God, my relationship with Lilly was so messed up.”

“It wasn’t messed up. It’s just… you were young and everything was black or white between the two of you. One of you had to be right and the other wrong. When you were wrong, Lilly broke up with you. When she was wrong… well…”

“She still broke up with me,” he finished dryly. “There was no winning with her.”

“No, there wasn’t.”

He sighed contentedly. “I think I like you better.”

“That’s because I don’t drag you around on a leash.”

“Well, you do. You just don’t tug as hard,” he smirked.

She giggled, “I can’t believe you said that.”

“If you haven’t noticed, I am kind of a sissy when it comes to you.”

“Not true.”

“I’ve been told by several people on several occasions that I’m whipped.”

“And they didn’t end up with broken noses?”

He shrugged, “It’s the truth. I am whipped. I’d do anything to make you happy.”

She raised an eyebrow, “Anything?”

Logan eyed her suspiciously, “Almost everything.”

“That’s good to know.”

He tugged, pulling her off balance so that she fell on him, and then rolled them over so that he was on top. He leant his forehead against hers. “It’s really okay for us to fight? I don’t remember ever seeing you and Duncan fighting.”

She ran her fingers down his cheek. “I don’t feel for you what I felt for Duncan. What was between Duncan and I was puppy love. Everything was cutesy and perfect and good. What’s between us… is intense, passionate… consuming.” She stared up into his eyes intensely. “It’s more.”

Logan studied the heat in her eyes. “I’d have to agree.”

She rolled them so that she was on top, straddling him. “Isn’t it better this way? It makes it much more fun.” She leant down and pecked him innocently on his cheek.

The door suddenly opened. Keith poked his head in. “Veronica, dinner’s ready.”

She sat upright, smiling at her father. “Um, hi, dad.”

Logan said weakly, “Mr. Mars.”

She quickly climbed off of him.

Keith narrowed his eyes at him. “Logan, why don’t you join us?”




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